Ways To Get More Leads From Your Advertising

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1.) Mention The Offer In The Headline

Suppose your headline is “How To Retire on an income”.

You can increase response by changing it to read “Free booklet tells how to retire on an income”.

Suppose your headline is “Overweight Men and Women”.

You can increase response by changing it to read  “Free to overweight men and women”.

Here other examples:

Free Sales Kit – Make  Up To $200 a Day

Given To You – The Oxford Dictionary.

2.) Emphasize The Word “Free”

You can increase replies by putting the word “Free” in big print or in capital letters.

In Broadcast advertising and in printed advertising you can repeat the word “free” several times.

Or you can frequently repeat phrases that mean essentially same thing, such as “Send no money”,

“Don’t pay a penny”.

However “FREE” means exactly what it says.


3.) Mention The Offer In A Subhead

The subhead may follow immediately after the main headline like this:

[Main Headline] New electronic calculator

[Subhead] Free 10 days trial

Or the other subhead may be placed in the middle of the ad or near the end.

Here are the typical subheads:





4.) Mention The Offer On The First Paragraph

Most copywriters remember to include a description of the free ebook at the end of the ad.

But many forget to include a brief mention of the ebook at the start of the ad.

Some of the best-pulling ads mention the free ebook twice:

1.) Brief Mention Early in the ad

2.) A complete description at the end of the ad.


5.) Include An Attractive Description Of The Offer

In writing a description of a ebook, you should sit down with the ebook and look at it and write every good thing you can say about it.

Then take your list of items and condense it into a paragraph.

The “table of contents” technique is also effective.

You can include a panel of the copy like this:



1.) How to fit pistons – page 3

2.) How to locate engine knocks – page 7

3.) How to rebuild a clutch – page 10

And so on…


Hint: Some eBooks are difficult to describe attractively because they contain only sales talk.

In these cases, it may be worthwhile to revise your ebook and include some info of a helpful nature.


6.) Include Testimonials

An for for an income tax included testimonials from a homeowner, a sales represnative, a professional, a working parent and forth


Sales Rep “I use my car for selling and do a lot of entertain. I thought I had deducted everything until your Income Tax Guide Showed me 18 deductions I never thought were allowable.”


7.) Sweeten Your Offer

The ad for the income tax guide mentioned earlier contained this paragraph:

Special Free Bonus: Filled in Tax Forms… To give every possible tax savings – and to save your time and yoru trouble you will also recieve a 16 page eBook of a sample tax forms, completely Filled in for your guidance.

This is yours to keep, even if you return the Income Tax Guide for refund.


8.) Test Several Different Offers

One way to step up returns is to test the pulling power of two or more different offers in one publication.

And then run the best pulling offer in your entire list of publications.

To get the most accurate test you should use the facilities of some publications offering “split-run”

copy testing whereby one offer appears in the half of the circulation and the other offer appears in the other half.

After you have found which offer pulls best,  feature that offer in future advertising and subordinate the dollars as “also avaliable”.

Just because the offer didn’t “win” does not mean you can afford to ignore its particular audience.