Unlock Her Legs

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The Good:

Massive amount of information accompanied by examples on how to template any girl using Bobby Rio mind scrambler method.

All the stories & the examples are actionable, leading you step by step on getting the girl of your dreams.


The Bad:

I wouldn’t say it is impossible but it will give hard time for mans with low experience with women.

The method encourages to focus on one girl & not giving tips our to improve man relations with women on general.


The Bottom-Line:

Unlock Her Legs & the mind scrambler method is mainly giving attention to teaching mans to get that dream girl you always wanted, and never had to balls reaching her.

Although you can find on the product gems of how the material can be applied to improve your communication with women on general.

Don’t build expectations it’s going to teach you how to meet more women, because it’s not, the book has a very clear target.



Full Detailed Review

Bobby Rio & Rob Judge are 2 dating gurus that are well known on the dating information industry, and there is a reason why the product on the market for almost 4 years.

The main goal of the Unlock Her Legs Program and the Mind Scambler is to get that girl that sitting next to you, working next to you, and you never had to guts to reach her.

Most of the chances that will be a girl that ‘friend-zoned’ you.

Those 2 professional dating mentors created a step-by-step plan (Called the Mind Scambler) for you, so you can finally get that girl and don’t feel bad for a another missed opportunity

You must be aware that is no program/plan/system that is 100% working, like on everything on life.

Every man will give it his own angle, and eventually will develop his custom method & that’s the beauty of it.


Don’t except magic bullet solutions because the product isn’t aiming for there.

What is the best of optimizing your dating & women skills is when you develop a stronger emotion conection for a woman it’s will be because you are really desire her, and not just because you are needy.

If you have the confidence that you can go out and get new women with no problem, so when you will have crush on a girl probably it will be the real thing.

This is the best situation to use Unlock Her Legs.

Because you will have a stable understanding of women and dating, you’ll will be in a better starting position.


If you don’t really understand the mindset, you might be can get a success rarely using some tactics & techniques, but the relationship will not last long probably.

The reason for that is that when will be with the girl and get her to be your girlfriend, you old behaviors will go out, and the most chances this episode will over & you will be back to the position you started.


That’s the reason why dating mentors tell guys to focus on creating skills and develop the right mindset before they jump into the relationships.

By taking it’s slow and build yourself slowly, you’ll become more confident on yourself, more attractive and will more chances for a relationship that will might works out.


You must be aware in what level are you when are starting.

If you are not able even to approach a woman at the moment, so how you will maintain a relationship?

It’s always good to take the time and gain experience and than come ready to your dream girl, if you will still want, you’re now less likely to screw this up.


Psychology Behind Changing A Girl’s Perception Of You


There are 2 highlights on Unlock Her Legs: psychology and techniques.

You must understand the psychology and get into it before you attempt any of the techniques.

Unfortunately you need to accept that this woman you desire has idea of you in her head, but probably she is not finding you as an option for relationship.

She just consider you as a co-worker, friend or something like this.


So the first step Bobby & Rob going to go through, is first to change her perception of you into that a guy she will desire.

As a rule of thumb, the longer she know you, the longer time it will take to make that change.

A girl you’ve just met wont be attached to her perception of you as a girl you know for 10 years.


This is where investing your time is going to com into play, as you need to start changing your behavior with her to make her need you.

Bobby and rob did an excellent job explaining how and why to do this, as well as giving very actionable examples of what it’s would look like.

Something very important that they talking about is changing the habits of your existing relationship, like: if you always pay for her, if you’re the on to call her, if you act asexual on her.

There are in depth examples given here as a deeper clarification of what this means and why it’s important.


The ultimate goal of Unlock Her Legs, and what is all about is that the girl you are trying to get will think about you even you are not around.

By using Bobby & Rob method and implement the thoughts about you, you will make the girl develop a strong emotional need for you.


In order to achieve those targets, you may have to do some things that maybe you will not like.

Bobby and Rob mentioned through their guide, that is very important that you what they tell you and not argue with it.

It’s comes from the point that many students tell them this girl is special, unique, and those fanatic ideas won’t work with her.


But, these exactly the cases where most guys need those tactics.

You might be finding yourself thinking the same, just consider the fact that what you have tried so far, didn’t work.

If what you think to be working, actually worked, you wouldn’t be here, so give it a try.


Techniques To Transition From Her Friend To Her Lover

The Unlock Her Legs product containes 2 e-books:

1.) The Scrambler, which explains step by step, how to change the way the girl perceive you, and how to make her thinking about you more in a sexual way.

2.) The L.U.S.T System – is when you’re on a date with a girl.

The principles int he L.U.S.T system can be used on dates with all girls, so you earned a part that isn’t limited to girls you already know.


The L.U.S.T system felt a bit going out of the main goal of the program, since the focus is no longer on the girl you already know.

The way L.U.S.T is explained, it’s seems more for a girls you just met.


It’s doesn’t seems they mention the difference on the L.U.S.T system between girls you already met and a girl you already know, it’s feels a bit like one-size fits all approach.


Still, those techniques effective, as they does the job.

You might have to use your common sense and to do some adaptions depending on the situation.

For example, some of the conversation & the questions suggested here probably shouldn’t be used, as you likely know these think about each other already.


The L.U.S.T system is more we-just-met vibe, which could be pretty obvious for a girl you dated and didn’t know before.

But if you work together or have common friends, there are some topics that I rather to ignore since they aren’t relevant to stage of the relationship.


In spite of this, the general idea is pretty clear, and it’s really simple.

You will get a general framework you can use, and give you a place for flexibility to adapt with your own personality.


The main goal of the dating system, is to take the girl home and have get laid.

Therefore, you will be expose to some sexual techniques that will show to you how to create sexy atmosphere which will help you to take her home.


Rob will expose a technique he calls ‘sexual snowballing’ which you will make you know if the woman is ready to have sex with you.

It’s a pretty right to the heart way to make your conversation more intimate and also get her turned on.


One of the biggest problem of guys is to make move on a girl and just take her home.

For this issue, Rob give examples of what to do in those situations and how to use what he calls ‘time bombs’ to force yourself take the woman back to your place.


More than that, Rob will go with you to the small details, he will explain to you how to set your place on the right way to turning woman on and to improve your chances of getting laid.

Like which kind of music to put, which lightning to use, what you need to keep stocked on your place and even a recipe for chicken dish that Rob name it ‘the perfect dinner’ to cook to your date.

All proven advice here.


Unlock Her Legs Bonuses

You will get here a long interview with rob and Sixty Aka Chris Andersen on the subject of physical escalation.

This interview mainly will focus on moves you can perform to increase sexual tension without the girl being uncomfortable.

I would recommend listen to it, since you paid for that, take advantage for every piece of information and get the most of it.


Another cool bonus is access to audio download, the Boyfriend Destroyer Sequence, as well as some mini e-books on subjects like texting, conversation topics, understanding her signals.


There are also more bonuses you can get into with the purchase of Unlock Her Legs or Magnetic Messaging.

Some will have good information, while the others are more marketial materials for other products.

You will find a forum to, where you can ask questions, but it’s seems to be a inactive so don’t build your expectations on that.


The Bottom Line

Like mentioned before, Unlock Her Legs main goal is to give guys a step-by-step system of getting that hard-to-get woman that they know for long time.

Even though, the are parts of the product that can be used with women in a more general sense, it’s not going to show you how to meet more women.


If you have some knowledge and experience of dating different women but facing difficulties developing a relationship with this girl you have feeling to, Unlock Her Legs could be a great solution for you to check out.

You’ll also be able to use many of these advises to get girls from other social circles you are in to.


But, if you’re currently obsessed over one girl and you never had a real girlfriend before of have no experience with dating skills, it’s better for you to build first your foundations before trying the Unlock Her Legs strategies.



Product Details

The system, created by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge, take men step by step how to score that hard-to-get girl they are after.

It’s take deep to the woman mind and re-wire it so she will be obsessed with sleeping or falling in love with you.


The course full name is ‘Unlock Her Leg: How to use the scrambler to nail that hard to get girl’, but it’s mainly known as ‘Unlock Her Legs’.

To get over the challenges men have to get women when attracted to them and know for a long time, dating mentors Bobby and Rob offer a sequence of mind re-wire techniques they call ‘The Scrambler’.

The idea of it is to trigger specific feedback in a woman and ‘scramble’ her mind until she’s addicted to you.


The program is split into two patterns  : psychological and tactical.

It uses psychological bombs like – unpredictable rewards, pattern interrupts, and getting her chase you validation – to get her working to thrill you.

This section also contains the Scrambler report, Weapons of Seduction videos and audio road map.


The 2th part of the program named the L.U.S.T system (the tactics) and it’s will explain what to say, and detailed way of carrying a conversation and flirting.

The L.U.S.T system contains a 80 page e-book and 10 video modules.


Bonuses (PDFs and MP3s) include:

  • Invisible Escalation
  • Her Erogenous Zones
  • She’s sending you signals
  • The Boyfriend destroyer sequence
  • The Magnetic Effect Pattern
  • Dirty Dozen: 12 Conversation That will Make Her Fall In Love


Skills you will get:

Female Psychology

Attracting Women


Experience Level(s):




Learning Format

Online Access



Bobby Rio & Rob Judge





Release Date

February 20, 2014