Slingly Review – Commercify 2.0

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While e-Commerce has been around from the 1970s, it has always been dominated by big organizations.

Until a couple of years back, one always had the sense that the technological backbone required to create and run an e-commerce would come at a huge price, and could only be afforded by a very select few people.

However, with the advancements in technology recently, many new websites like Shopify have emerged that allow users to set up their own small stores and run online businesses from homes or small offices. But, even such tools are not that easy to use and people sometimes find it hard to launch businesses.


An upcoming tool now makes it even easier for you to get online and start selling.

As much as 95% of setting up your online store can be completed with a click of a button by using Slingly.

Slingly lets you launch a complete Shopify store, along with cool graphics, images, product options and outsources ready to fulfil orders.

All of this takes only a couple of hours to setup.

Slingly is version 2.0 of a tool which formerly used to be called Commercify.

Slingly launched on May 1, 2017. Commercify was widely successful since its launch and many reviews from happy customers and successful business ventures can be found online.a


While a lot of Slingly‘s new features have not been disclosed in its entirety, the features are expected to be much more advanced and easier to use than Commercify. Before we see the previews of new functionalities available in Slingly,

let us check out the broad details of Commercify.


Commercify was broken down into 6 major modules. These modules are:

· Trending

· Product Sourcing

· Store Manager

· On-demand Catalog

· Product Catalog

· Targeting Library


The details of these modules are as follows:

Trending: This feature lets you identify niche products which are getting popular among customers. It is a really helpful tool to expand your product range, especially if your catalog does not have niche products.

Product Sourcing: This tool lets you search for products to source in real-time.

Store Manager: Using this feature, a new store can be created in a matter of minutes (if not seconds). While Shopify also makes setting up of stores an easy process, this just makes it a cake walk.

On-Demand Catalog: This feature gives you details about on-demand designs for items like mugs, T-shirts, sweatshirts etc. The best advantage that this gives you, similar to the feature of Trending, is that you can get a sense of products that are popular.

Product Catalog: This module helps you identify and see the physical products that are being sourced from external websites such as AliExpress, eBay or Amazon. Similar to the on demand catalog, it gives you a very fair sense of popularity of the products.

Targeting Library: This has to be one of the best modules. It shows various case studies, successful campaign records, niches, popular product ranges to ensure you get the right idea of what can work well, and what cannot.


The features that are already announced with Slingly’s launch can be checked at some videos from the creators of this tool.

Some of the details mentioned on the website are:

  • Higher margins than ever
  • Founders claim that they have invested more than 100K on product development. Through Commercify they were able to earn well over 250K apart from the private deals that they ran. User reviews for the products were phenomenal and they claim that the upcoming product will exceed all expectations.
  • Schedule of Live webinars are also mentioned which people can apply for and attend through the calendar mentioned on the website.


Details of the products and features mentioned on the website are as follows:

  • Done For You Print On Demand: A product that helps you understand the popularity of products.
  • Automated Physical Catalog: Entire fulfilment is managed by the SLINGLY team. Subscriber just needs to create the store in a matter of minutes, and the orders are auto fulfilled.
  • Run An Ecom Agency: You can take on clients and manage their ecommerce venture end-to-end. With the entire fulfilment being taken care of by the SLINGLY team, your work is limited to utilizing their tools to understand trends and ensuring that the clients are ready to expand into those product lines. Product Sourcing and Metrics Module: All sourcing help from eBay, Amazon and Aliexpress.
  • Auto Generated Store Mock-Ups: Help in creation of Facebook ads that are proven to convert higher than average and fetch you more orders.


There are also several Deployment integrations that are available using this tool such as:

1. Trex Personalization Platform Integration & Product Deployment

2. ClickFunnels Integration

3. 1 Click to Shopify and WooCommerce

4. New Advanced Trends & Hot Product Research Portal

5. Shopify Store and Bestseller Crawler

6. Multi-Channel Spy Tools & Favorite Systems


Slingly also mentions on their website, some of the key strengths that make it the best tool available in the market for starting and aggressively scaling up ecommerce operations with a limited budget and taking it to a stage where it consistently grows and reaches a level where the user gets upwards even 6-figure sale numbers.

The following details are picked up directly from Slingly websites and truly explain the biggest strength and technological advantage that Slingly has over any other tool that exists in the market currently.

1. Slingly is proven, we use the software in-house to generate multiple 6 figures in revenue from our stores. Give your list the opportunity to do the same.

2. We took care of all the tedious and time consuming things that stop people from getting into ecommerce or scaling it up “this is a NO EXCUSE platform”

3. Our version 1 release created results for many students and raving fans that use our platform every day. This is time tested & People LOVE our software.

4. We are changing people’s lives of all ages, by giving them a system where they can build their assets and deploy too many leading selling platforms. This is truly the “eCom Easy Button”

So, if you are ready to venture into the e-commerce world and don’t want to spend too much money, the best way to create your store and take it to the next level is Slingly.