Quit Smoking

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My quit smoking story


I want to introduce here all the process, from starting to smoke until I quit, so here we go:



How I started Smoking


It was when I was 16, and came 100% from social pressure & the will to be part of something.


The funny thing it’s contradicted my personality because I love to do much sport, and it made it super difficult for me.


I was always on a fight about this issue and tried to stop nearly every 2 weeks & it’s come to a situation where my friends laugh at me that I couldn’t succeed and I shouldn’t try to stop smoking anymore (The closest people unfortunately, will try to take you down when you try to make a big change).


Anyway, years have passed (Army, A trip to south america) & I still was smoking.


Over the years of trying to stop smoking I always read on the psychology behind the smoking & how our brain works.


Anyway those are my quit smoking tips & tricks:


1.) Reducing the amount of the cigarettes that I smoke.


2.) Visualize worst case scenarios.

I always image when I hold cigarette what could happen as a result of me smoking for a long time (Such a cancer, death, ugly skin).


3.) Do sport.

It’s not written on much places, but sport make you less want to smoke, what is the scientific explanation for that? I really don’t know, but it is like that.


4.) Humans are lazzzzzy.


I bought tobbaco instead cigratte boxes, and I have to roll every time I wanted to smoke.

At the some point I just got lazy and stop doing it.


This is something that defienitely helped me to stop since the tobacco has a low ammount of addictive stuff which they put on the cigratte boxes & of course the laziness factor.


5.) Human Mind is a program, and it’s can be re-wired!

Don’t let yourself assume that your habits are will be always your reality.

If it depends on our mind, it will just want to eat, sleep, have some sex sometimes, work a bit, just the minimum.

It is our will power that pushing our brain limits and taking us out of our comfort zone – NEVER forget it, it’s always on your hands!

You must implement this thought and be aware to the misleads of your brain – he will do a lot of this shit to make you continue smoking in a variety of excuses:

– “oh you are to weak for that, leave it you will never success”

– “oh, look Sara she try to stop smoking so many times and she always come back, it’s not possible I don’t have strong personality”

– “oh, I smoke for 15 years what does it matter if I quit now?”


Remember, our brain is MASTER on excuses, but if you will teach yourself to be aware of these excuses and to overcome them and treat your brain like a lousy friend that you ignore, you will figure out the ‘stop smoking spell’ .


6.) Social Pressure – another super important thing to be aware of is the power of social pressure!

Social pressure and social proof is the basis of humanity and it’s exist in ANY age.

Why am I telling you this obvious fact?

Because many people take it for granted and does not aware the massive influence it has on them when they try to make a change.

For example: you & your girlfriend/wife/whatever have a habit of smoking together and drinking at the end of each day – you will feel a kind of fear to stop smoking maybe because you can disappoint her.

It is important to communicate & let your partner/family/anyone who could react on a negative way to the change and make your time more difficult than it’s already is.


7.) If you not most (like I mentioned on clause 6) don’t TELL ANYONE.

But Jacob, why?

All the times I tried to stop I advertise it like crazy, to my friends, to my family, to my dog, to the closet on my room – I was super motivated! woooo!

BUT, this is the problem, when you start so extreme, suddenly you get to the hard days of quit smoking, and suddenly you began fear of the failure since you promised it to all the world.

This mix of Social Pressure (that your created!) and trying the smoking quitting physical effects (anger & such) can make you break and return to smoke.


One of the secrets to quit smoking is that it need to come ONLY from you, not because you promised it, and tell people.


What I’ve learned about myself is that I need to find this power on my inside, on my heart, to feel I really want it.


It’s doesn’t mean that you will not experience hard times, but doing something that you are not satisfied with is a 100% recipe for failure.



After Quitting Smoking Symptoms


– Nightmares – It’s happened to me like 2 or 3 times, during the the first 2 week of stop smoking.

Taking me back to the age of 6 😀 .


– Quit Smoking Brain Fog – it’s will be hard for you to consecrate, your head will feel like a mud.

Don’t Give up, it’s a matter of 2-3 weeks and it’s gone – it’s a known syptom.


– Stop Smoking Diarrhea/Fast Metabolism – This is a bit gross, but I want to make you relaxed so I have to mention this.


After 1-3 weeks into the quitting smoking process suddenly you feel like your stomach on speeds:

* You will go the bathroom more often.

* Your appetite will grow as double.


Don’t freak out, it’s fine!


Be aware that is temporary feeling since your body is in trauma now, he was regular to some chemicals and now suddenly you are taking it out, so your body is in panic – REMEMBER THIS!


No need to eat double because of the boosted appetite, just eat small meals and more.