Marketing Budget Allocation

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Marketing Budget Allocation

* Important Note: Each campaign I will split into some segments by age, by gender, by country, to see what perform best *

First of all I would split spending, equally to several platforms, in order to test what will perform best, I would start with 100$ on each platform just to see some data and decide to scale or not.

The social networks and the ads I will want to use are:
1.) Facebook – 2 Types of ads
(A) Brand Awareness – I would use this ad to create engagement with the users and uploading fun content such as videos from festivals, ‘how to do’ guides and so on. – 200$
(B) Website Conversions – the target of those campaigns is to create conversions, basically, write a good copy, and send to a squeeze page & create email funnel until you have sales. – 200$

Of course each ad I would like to A/B test and see what perform better.

When I will see one of the ads bring sales/leads I will add budget and scale it up – +400$ (200$ to each campaign)

Total Cost + Scaling: 800$

2.) Youtube
(A) I will use the advertise that running before the videos.
What I will do there is to film or to upload a video from one of the festivals, that give the user the full experience of the festival and to lead him to a sale page. – 100$ (Will add 300$ to scale it up if it will work).

Total Cost + Scaling: 400$

3.) Twitter
(A) If the company has a account with many followers I would recommend to do a raffle, that every one that will re-tweet will get into the raffle, and the first prize will be a ticket to the festival, if the company does not have active twitter with a lot of followers I would do it on the paid way via twitter.
Budget – 100$ scale to 200$ if it will give good results.

Total Cost + Scaling: 300$

4.) Quora – I would search for users who asked questions regarding festivals & camping.
I will hire a person for 25$ (from Philippines or fiverr) a day for 7 days, that his job will be to answer questions regarding the subject and leave in the end of the answer link to the site.

Quora if you didn’t know, get tons of traffic, and one answer on single topic can get up to 100k users, just imagine if you have some good answers on 100 topics, how much traffic you will get in invest of 25$ per day.

Total Cost = 25*8 (8 representing number of days that campaign will run)=200$
Scaling: 100$
Total + Scaling: 300$

5.) Pinterest – Since it’s mostly a visual social network, I will offer the user a special made custom thing that relate to the industry such as Custom Tent, or if it for Festival, a custom outfit and so on.
I will do a raffle on this outfit, and the winner will get this.
Budget: 100$ – Scale it up to 200$ if profitable.

Total Budget + Scaling: 300$

6.) Instagram – I would make sponsorship with a big influencer and make a campaign with him, the type of the campaign will be a raffle with prizes.
Budget – 300$ for start.
Scaling – 300$
Total Budget: 600$

7.) PPC – Google Adwords
In the PPC campaign I would go for a more direct approach depends on the keyword, such offering tickets to the festival on a special price, or get ticket to festival + camping accessories for free if people searching for the best festival for example.

If they will search for camping gear, I will post an ad of a camping gear set in a reduce prize.

I would try to rank for competitors festivals keywords, and for the main keywords as well such (best festival abroad, best camping gear).

Budget: 200$
Scale it up: 400$

Total Budget: 600$

8.) Google display network
I will go on and make banners for google display network and target people who visit niche related site such as camping site, and specific festival sites.

The target of the ad will be to create engagement with the user and to collect leads.

Budget: 200$
Scale it up: 200$
Total: 400$

9.) Ad Network with option to advertise for verified users (verified users are users who give feedback regarding an ad, and the algorithm know better what they want to see).

This is usually expensive than usual but it’s converting a lot better.

Budget + Scaling: 500$

10.) I will go the travel site news/ camping site news, and write for them an article and pay to advertise the article through them.

Budget: 900$ because it’s laser targeted traffic.