How To Increase The Size Of Penis

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How to Increase the Size of Your Penis – 4 Killer Tips to Correctly Use Penis Enlargement Exercises

Penis enlargement exercises have quickly become a popular solution among men simply because they teach you how to increase the size of your penis in a realistic and controlled fashion.

Men who are curious about this method of penis enlargement should know that it does indeed work (I can attest to that!) but in order to get the most out of any program you might try, you should be well prepared.

Below is a list of 5 ways on how to increase the size of penis. If you don’t really know what penis enlargement exercises are, here are some resources that can help you.


1) Warm up before every workout: Penis enlargement exercises are only a great way to increase the size of the penis when used correctly and safely.

Before any workout, make sure you wrap your penis in a warm towel for a few minutes; this will ensure your penis tissues are limber and that you are at the right level of “hardness” for exercises, which brings us to the next tip…


2) Maintain the correct “erection level” for your workout: Penis enlargement exercises rely on the moving of blood through the penis in order to stress tissues and elicit a growth response from the body.

If your penis is too hard, there won’t be much room for the blood to move around. Conversely, if your penis is too limp, it will be hard to grip your penis correctly for the exercises.

When just learning how to increase the size of the penis through exercises it is best to be at about 70% of a full erection.


3) Know Your Limits… No REALLY: Out of all of the methods of penis enlargement, exercises seem to have been the safest in my experience;

but even the best of workout programs can result in a little soreness if you try and go beyond what you should be doing.

This isn’t really all that weird when you think about it, your arms would be sore if you were lifting weights that were too heavy for you.

Just stay within your means and you should have a pain-free journey to penis enlargement.

4) Track Your Progress: Make sure to keep track of how much you gain so that you can adjust your workouts and schedule based on your goals.

Many exercise guides will teach you how to take accurate measurements so that you know exactly what you’re getting out of your workouts.

If you are born with a small penis, chances are you will feel more insecure, conscious and somewhat envious of other males.

This is a common sentiment that is shared by a lot of males around the world. Statistics show that in the United States, the number of males who are concerned about the size of their penises is increasing dramatically.

As of now, it is roughly estimated that 38% of males in the U.S. are not satisfied with the size of their penises and would somehow want to increase it in some way.

The figures are increasing thanks to the media being one of the most influential causes of anxiety caused by penis size.

Try eating food rich in Omega-3 and Potassium. Salmon is a good source of Omega-3. It is an essential fatty acid that helps in keeping your heart and blood vessels at their best.

It also makes the blood vessels elastic, which is excellent for maintaining proper blood flow and circulation and helps in increasing your stamina.

During erection, blood flow is very crucial. Whenever a male gets sexually aroused, his penis gets engorged because blood will accumulate within its spongy tissue causing it to stiffen and grow. Potassium also helps in keeping your heart in beating in a steady rate and rhythm.

It also helps in maintaining muscle tone and vascular function, which also play a big part in determining the amount of blood that will accumulate in the penis, hence its size as well.

Try doing male enhancing exercises such as stretching and jelqing.

If you want fast and real results, you can try these techniques. It should be done on a regular daily basis to ensure its full effect.

When you wake up in the morning, you may have noticed that you usually have an erection. This is a good sign because it stretches your penile muscles. You can try to put a gentle pulling force on your penis in a rhythmic manner to promote muscle stretching. Contracting your pubococcygeal muscles by doing as if you are holding your urine is also another way.

Try wearing loose underwear. You may opt to wear boxers instead of briefs which are tighter. Recent studies show that males who wear boxers have a slightly bigger penis than those wearing tight briefs. This is probably due to the fact that the penis hangs lower and stretches better when wearing loose underwear.

Do not go for surgery because you want to increase the size of your penis. It is a lot simpler and safer to stretch out the suspensory (PC) ligament of your penis just as most athletes know that the ligaments can be stretch to achieve the desired results through exercises.

How to increase the size of your penis should not trouble your mind anymore. Here’s what you can do to make your penis bigger and thicker through the appropriate penis exercises.

First, ensure you warm up your penis before you start. Use a warm wash cloth to wrap around your penis.

Penis Ligament Stretch – Try to achieve a semi erect penis. Create a ring around your penis with the thumb and middle finger of your hand.

Starting at the pelvis side of your penis shaft, slightly tighten the finger ring and move it towards your penis head. This will move the blood towards the head, making it extremely hard and full. Hold this position for 5 to 10 seconds making sure to hold the ring just before the head and pulling it slowly and gently away from you as if you are stretching and lengthening the shaft.

You must be able to discipline yourself to do 20 reps, each rep with a 5 to 10 second hold for 5 sets. The penis ligament stretch exercise will not only stretch the ligament of your penis over time but it also help to make your penis thicker and fatter.

Kegel Exercise – The Kegel exercise was named after Dr. Arnold Kegel. This exercise helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which support the uterus, bladder and bowel. To make sure you know how to exercise your pelvic floor muscles, try to stop the flow of urine while you are urinating. If you succeed, you are doing the right.

For 3 minutes, try to contract your pelvic floor muscles. Hold each contraction strongly for 10 seconds. This exercise works your pelvic floor muscles mostly; this is the muscle that controls premature ejaculation. Kegel exercises can provide you with stronger erections. You can do this exercise anywhere and at anytime. Do it three times every day.

Be patient and discipline yourself to achieve 4 inches in weeks. These penis exercises on how to increase the size of penis are natural penis enlargement techniques anyone can start immediately to achieve a bigger and thicker penis. At you can learn all the tips that you need to increase the size of your penis.