How To Get Quality Traffic For Cheap Price

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How To Get Quality Traffic For Cheap Price

50,000 banner impressions per day for 0.3$ method

I have rcecived lots of clicks many sales through this banner impressions method.

all you have to do is
1) Register at

2) And upgrade as one month Ultimate membership for 19,95$.

3) Surf 1000 sites per day, it just take 3 hours & as a Ultimate membership you will spend just 10 seconds per surf. if you surf 1000 sites per day you will get 1000 credits.
you can convert 1000 credits for 50,000 banner impressions.

4) put your banner into “my banner” section and copy at least 50 times. it’s mean your banner will be 50 times.
you may geo target as 50 countries.

5) Distribute banner impressions credits for your 50 banners

6) See result…..
now note the point. you will get 0.3$ per 1000 sites surf in your accounts. monthly you will get 9$ or 10$.
so every month you save 10$. you spend only another 10$ for total impressions. it’s mean you are going to spend
0.3$ per day for 50,000 impressions.

easyhits4u site has lots of traffic. every time there are 3000 members in online. I can guaranteed you will get
more profit than you invest.