Get free traffic to your website

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Get free cheap traffic to your website

50,000 real visitors for 0.5$
Here i share my own method to get 50,000 real human visitors for just 0.5$. is most popular for autosurf traffic exchange. this site delivery 100% real human visits.

hitleap provide a small software for autosurf. you will surf 24 hours per day and get 1440 minutes or 86,400 seconds
You should set 10 seconds to get visits your web site in hitleap account so you will get 8,640 real human visits
per day.

normally You will get 5,000 traffic to your site per hitleap account

1) Now buy 10 online cpu (vps) from

for just 15$ per month.
2) create 10 hitleap accounts from 10 vps and install 10 hitleap software in 10 vps.
3) put your website to 10 hitleap account and Run these 10 softwares

4) 1 hitleap account will provide 5,000 visits. when you use 10 accounts. you will get 50,000 real visits per day.
You just spend 15$ per month with free hitleap accounts.
it’s mean you will spend 0.5$ per day for getting 50,000 real visits
After all setups sleep well every day your site will get 50,000 visits per day without a single mouse clicks

Counts sales / sign ups always
Good luck for your online business