How to generate website traffic

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How to generate website traffic

300,000 visitors for 5$ method

you can simply get over 300k real human visits through this method. i can guarantee that your google, alexa rank will be increased 100%.
after getting 300k visit you will also get google traffic automatically because your website google rank increased

1. create hitleap account

2. buy 50k minutes for 5$ by below service

you can also buy hilteap account with 50k minutes by above service

3.go to and paste your website in search box then click. you will see your website in google search then righ click and copy link address.
see this example

4. after copy link add the link into hitleap slot. there are 3 slot. set 10 second as Visit duration. setup hourly hits as Maximum.

5. fill up another 2 slot with same link.
how you get 300k visit?

you will buy 50k hitleap minutes. this 50k minutes have 300,000 second of 10.
so you will get 300,000 hits just spending 5$. this method totally safe. lots of fiverr seller delivery them traffic like this.
i use this personally and got benifits


124,810 Directories submit in 60 second methods

through simply register you can submitt your website 124,810 Directories in few clicks. this link 100% safe
here is the link