Clickbank Marketing Tutorial – Promote ClickBank Products

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Clickbank Marketing Tutorial

Welcome to the beginner Tutorial of Promoting ClickBank products

I will show here 2 ways of promoting clickbank products with 2 proven working sales funnels:

SEO &  the best paid traffic for clickbank – PPC (using google adwords tool to send traffic to clickbank)

So i’m like 2 months into the affiliate the business.

Super Tip before starting: avoid direct linking affiliate marketing.

Sure, you will find some PPC network that it’s legal to do it, but you will not get the most important data!

Where the potential customer clicked on the page, is the page converting?

This leading me to the iron rule of online marketing – A/B (C/D) TESTING IS A MUST – to succeed, not recommendation, not my opinion, it’s a must! remember this!

You can use direct linking as part of a wider tactic & strategy but do not lead direct to the product LP! in 99% it’s just will be a waste your money and your time, Lazy = No Money, believe me.

Yes, Yes I know there will be someone who will comment and say ‘I do 1,00000000000$ with this method!’ – sure there are unicorns or scammers (up to you to decide), but for most of the cases, there are NO MAGICS – only damn hard work.


I’ve try to promote like 8 clickbank offers through adwords ppc (sending the traffic direct to the product landing page).


I will describe you the process:

1.) First of all I entered clickbank & choose product with gravity above 30, and initial sale high (above 30$).

*Gravity – Means that amount of sells the product had in the last week.

2.) Second of all I went to each product landing page, and READ it, from beginning to end.

While reading it I notice the feeling that go through me, if I like the content, if I found it enough convincing.

3.) I go the affiliate tools of each product – to see if they give me materials: emails swipes, banners, landing pages custom to ppc, articles – this super important because it’s can save you a lot of money!

4.) I try to go to purchase the product I advertising and to see if the tracking (my affiliate id) appear on the bottom – meaning I will be got paid if someone buys.

5.) Oki doki, after I chose some product I go to the super valuable job:

The keyword research – which is the foundations of each online business that exist in this world.

There are definitely a LOT of ways to do it, but it’s important (especially on the start) to keep focus!, and to get tempted and purchase to many keyword research tools.

Remember you are the business owner, not consumer!, don’t get tempted easily, else you found a tool critical for your success and something that can improve your income.

Anyway, it’s recommended for beginners to start with google ad words tool – which is free!

After you entered the google adwords tool, click on tools & than on keywords planner and after on ‘search for new keywords using a phrase, website or catagory”.

Awesome! you are in the right place now.

Now, search for relevant keywords, divided by coma – but don’t try to hard, because google is going to give 700 words based on this, so don’t try to hard.

Great, under targeting choose, google and search partners, for the reason we don’t want only google, we want to get to the search partners as well.

But why Jacob?

Because we want to get as many eyeballs as you can on our site 🙂

Look for the negative keywords – and think if there are negative keywords you want like free, no money – if you are selling something.

If you are not selling anything it’s not so essential no remove this.

Cool, now click on get ideas.

Click on download, under the graph – and you will get the excel file – speaking general – you can work without the excel file – but it’s MUCH more comfortable, and you can save your research later.

Nice we got an excel file!

So, we want to see:

1.) Avg monthly searches – how much times people search for this word or word combination.

2.) Competition  – This is refer more to PPC competition rather than SEO, competition, if you want to see you SEO competition, you can search for the word on google, and see how many results google find, that should give you an idea.

3.) Suggested bid – the higher the bid, usually (there always unicorns) the more commercial intent the word have (commercial intent = someone will probably purchase something after searching for this term).

So, the words we want to find should have:

1.) Low bid.

2.) Good monthly searches.

3.) Relevant to what we are trying to sell.


So copy the words to word pad or anything you can put the words in.

Now you have 2 options.

Option 1 – PPC – Require budget of at least 100$ (in my opinion) to get starated & see results

What you will need for that option?

1.) Buy Domain (Go Daddy, Hostgator, bluehost)

2.) Host that domain somewhere – I personally recommend 1×2 hosting, they are great and cheap.

3.) You will need to fill up the site a bit with content because it’s google demand it or you ad will not be approved.

4.) Create landing page, but here you most decide what is the target of the landing page, collect emails? lead directly to the sale page?

Don’t be lazy, because you Lazy=Lose Money!

Build AT LEAST 4 versions of landing pages – Other content, other buttons, change colors, add person.

Unbounce has great blog about landing pages that you can read, also Neil Patel  give many tricks about conversions.

5.) Next step is create your first Adwords campaign (wooo!!)

So after we saved the words we wanted previously, it’s time to add them our plan on ad words.

After adding them to plan next step will be to create campaign on adwords.

Just go to campaigns tab and create one, you will require to choose the ad group (words) that you created & start creating ads.

Be aware which countries you target (Sometimes the clickbank products give you information on their pages about which audience is buying the product, so you can use it!), if not – make a little research, if that’s not work, just try to create few campaigns on each country.

For example one for Australia, One For United states and in that’s way you will be able to see which performing better for you.

Great now you are in the stage for creating your ads.

Don’t be nervous! I prepared a plan for you for that step:

1.) Search for your words on google (USA, UK, AU, each country has it own google and it’s own database).

You will find some ads, copy them to excel and save it.

2.) There are 2 AWESOME tools for that:

a.) SpyFu

2.) iSpioniage

Both of them had many features but for this part we will use this to spy on our competitors PPC ads.

You can search on these tools by keywords or by your competitor domain.

After this search you will find their PPC ads, and you will be able to see what works best of them.

On the free versions you will be able to see their something like 5-10 ads, but in the full paid version you will be able to see all.

So, you can neither copy the ads, or use it for ideas and write by yourself.

Do whatever you want.

Anyway, when setting your ads on adwords, be sure to test at least 5 ads, and try to adjust them to each keywords  or keyword group.

After this step you are on the way to launch your first campaign – Aren’t you excited?

The only thing that prevent from you campaign to go live now is that google need to approve it…

Be sure to read google policies, and use those tips from my experience:

1.) If something that you do look offensive, and it’s aggressive sale – probably google will not approve it.

2.) Gambling isn’t allowed, only with special permission.

3.) Exit popups (Popups when you try to move your cursor to they was of closing the window) – are usually leading to disapprove.


You first campaign is on air, now which metrics are important to for us to look when we are measuring a PPC campaign?

  • CTR: Click Through Rate – See example below:

Impressions = How many people have view your ad.


See below this chart from Lyron Marketing Agency describing average CTR on the various industries:

As you can see from the table the average CTR is about 1.80%-2.00% – keep it in mind

2.:) Another useful metric you can use is clicks – simply show how much people clicked on the ad.

3.) The last one is avg.cost – it’s your price for one click, if your budget is low & or even high – just for the start bid on word without to much competition – it’s take time to understand PPC & you don’t want to mistakes with words that a singe click can cost 200$, so take it on baby steps.


Adwords Campaigns Dashboard


Jacob! I did all the things you mentioned but I still don’t have conversions (conversions usually means sale on the online marketing world) 🙁

What should I do?

Sometimes you did your best:

Optimize the campaign, tested various landing pages, put 5 different ads, tried different groups of words.

It might be the offer is just not good, don’t panic, just read my tip and you will feel fine:

Just accept it and move on -I know it’s a hard for the ego, but if you want to reach fast to profits, throw put this ego aside because it’s only will make the process harder.


Ok, there is a change you might succeed on your first shot of course, but remember:

Learn from the success – remember what worked for you – Which words, Which ad peformed the best, The landing page structure – take notes.

That’s it for the PPC method, of course there is much more, but on that, on my next posts.


The SEO Method for Clickbank

This approach is taking much longer than PPC – usually to start see results on SEO it’s takes between 1-2 months, but if you will reach a good position you will get free traffic, and who doesn’t like something free? 🙂

The first steps like in any business is research and search for demand.

Let’s start with google, go to the search console.

Let’s use the example, that we are selling eBook explaining ‘How To Get Your Ex Back”.

So, we want to know which questions or how people looking for solution for this crisis they are experiencing, I will search for ‘how to get my ex back’ and I will see what google suggest to me:



Clickbank Marketing

If you notice what is the weird language you see on the buttons, it’s Hebrew!

Look how many suggestions I got without spending a dollar!

Write this down somewhere or take a screenshot, let’s move on.

Now, click on one of the words suggestions.

I will go with term: ‘how to get my ex girlfriend back after she dumped me’.

And i’m going to show you fanatastic tool, that recently aquired by neil patel, call ubersuggest.

Just copy your term to ubersuggest and you will see magic:

I got 249 suggestions and few important metrics:

1.) CPC = Cost per click, it’s how much a click will cost me if decide to do PPC campaign.

And, it’s also help to determine if there is a big commercial intent behind the keyword (the higher the more intent) – usually it’s means the word converts & it’s make sells.

2.) Monthly Volume.

How many people searching for this word on a month on google.

From this part you can develop tactics:

Tactic 1

if to choose few words with a big amount of searches

Tactic 2

Start with massive amount of words but with lower monthly volume search.

Master Tip#1: always take internet metrics – no matter where they came from – as a recommendation – this is not science since there are so many factors involved here, it’s just estimation, and only time will tell how if it close to reality.

Master Tip#2: There are infinite ways to do this research and every internet marketing blogger will tell you other things

It’s a journey of process and mistakes, don’t analyze the words for month, it’s better start, especially on the beginning, to gain confidence and experience.