The Perfect Pricing Strategy To Charge What Your Time Is Worth

The Perfect Pricing Strategy To Charge What Your Time Is Worth

On a recent trip to England, I stopped at Manchester for a beer.

At the bar,

I started talking with the locals.

We talked about their passion for soccer.

They bought me a couple of beers and I asked how they live in such a cold weather.

You know, usual stuff.

Then, we started having a chat about biz.

I was shocked when one of my new friends said he try not to charge for his work.

I feel bad when I charge people for my time.”

Sound familiar to you?

There are more like him outside.

Many people – including successful entrepreneurs – having hard time with their pricing startegy.

For example:

Six figure copywriter, Neville Medhore,

just told Noah Kagan from

That he was hesitated to raise his rate.

In the article above,

I’m going to show you a pricing strategy which allowed me

to stop feeling bad about charging people.

(For the matter of fact, it’s even helped me double my hourly rate).

You’ll understand about some pricing strategies ANYONE can implement

for freelancing consulting or project works.


You will discover how to charge what you’re worth

without feeling bad anymore.

Let’s roll.


Why We Feel Guilty Charging for Our Time



Why do we feel guilty charging for our time?

In my experience, there are 3 main reasons people feel guilty charging money for work:

  1. You don’t value your skills to others. in other words, you have awesome talent and you say “nah, it’s nothing special”. but others see it as a very unique and special talent, and they will also pay to learn from you to get your help.
  2. You don’t feel like an expert because you think you need more exprience, certicifactions. my brother is a lawyer. he has NO PROBLEM charing a lot for his time, because he learned law for almost 6 years. and it’s “normal” that lawyers take a lot of money per meeting.
  3. You’re scray of charing friends (or friends of friends) and it’s will hrtu your relationship.

How you can push away this negative thinking?

How you can be more confident on yourself and charge more money?

First step,

is to understand how to price.

When you’re prepared, you will feel less nervous and full of guilty.

How to Price Yourself & Charge for Your Time

On of the reasons so many people fear to setting their rate high is back there are many options out there.

It’s a bit shocking to think where to start:

  • What is my hourly rate?
  • Am I pricing to high?
  • Is my work quality good enough to charge people?

If you just started a biz, I’m going to show you the most common and used pricing strategy.

If you’re pro on your niche or industry, you’ll learn how to break from the “handcuffs” of hourly rate and level up your cash flow.

If you target is to maximize growth and revenue, I’ll show to you how to do it when you have proven and in demand skills.

Hourly Rate: Charging for the Hours You Put In

The most known pricing strategy for freelancers and consultants is an hourly rate.

One of the best ways to decide your hourly rate is to reverse engineer your last salary.

Let’s say you made $70,000 last year.

You worked something like 2,080 hours per year which means your hourly rate is about $33.

But wait…

Don’t rush…

There a couple of things you need to remember.;..

First of all,

many first time consultants and freelancers forget their rate assumes a 40-hour workweek. but…if you can’t find enough clients to fill up all these hours? what if you are sick?

Second of all,

many people don’t calculate all the benefits like health insurance in their pricing. those are thing now you are going to pay by your own. No company help you now.

It’s doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use this strategy but you re-think about it.

A good rule to remember: If at the moment I won’t work 40 hours and I have to pay my own benefits, I will take the hour salary and double it – which will make it $65 per hour.

If you just starting this strategy could be useful one. and remember it’s always better to take the easy path and just started. Optimize later.

Project-Based Fees: Make More Money in Less Time

When you starting charge for your services, you can free your self from the handcuffs of time.

Instead of locking yourself on hourly rate, you will charge based on the value or results you are going to create.

Normally you will charge per project – based fees as you become more familiar with the results you can give to your clients.

Good campaigns can give 10% revenue lift for clients, and this usually equals to $30,000 more revenue for you client, so you can price it like this.

When I consulting, I prefer to deliver 10x of what I charge – so $30’00 average in revenue for a client mean I charge about $3,000.

In order to start billing on this way, you need to ask yourself, what value do you give?

And remember, it’s doesn’t have always to be pure revenue.

If you save your clients 10 hours a week, it’s worth thousands of dollars of saved time.

When you go on a project, be careful with your price based on the time you think you’re planning to spend.

Many people do the mistake and set their prices to low and work more than they priced.

This is why it’s better to start with hourly rate, until you are more familiar with your industry and client project requests.

Tier Pricing: Pro Tips to Maximize Revenue Growth

Before we are diving how you can develop pricing levels for your biz, let me go through why you should test pricing levels as you grow your freelancing or consulting:

  • Will help you make more money – there is a famous pricing example, where tiers helped “anchor” people into paying more. always try testing 3-5 different tiers.
  • Go wide – try a bigger audience. different clients mean different prices, try to search for your ideal customer.
  • Get more HOT leads. Lower priced levels can help you just to start. if your customer will get results you can move to higher tier packges.


So, how to do this right?

Step 1: Create base features you want to include for every tier

The first step is start to organize the base scope of benefits you want to give to each customer.

At Sumo Company By Noah Kagan, all the customers get access to apps, A/B testing, and all design templates.

What are your “base” features?

Maybe it’s…

  • Maybe it’s 1 hour time to respond to client requests.
  • Free Report analyzing website.
  • 1 hour a day skype call.

If you don’t know which features to use yet, it’s fine.

As you become more familiar with your clients, it’s will be more cleat to you.


Step 2: Develop avatar for each tier

When doing pricign tiers it’s widen your potential clients, and help you target larger groups of people with different needs.

From a little company that just need you to write email funeel vs. a client who want you on a monthly marketing retainer to help them send email and optimize their opt-in forms.

Let’s take example from Mailchimp:

Step 3: Always include more features and benefits

The last step is always adding special features and benefits to each level.

Here are the 3 questions you can ask yourself in order develop higher tier products:

  • What your perfect client need help with?
  • What about mid level client?
  • What about about the most simple service you offer on the past?

On Sumo company by noah kagan they learnd that their biggest clients have a lots of tools they are using for their biz.

They use supporting email providers like Mailchimp, Aweber and Zapier.

And for our massive enterprise customers, it means supporting big enterprise products (Like HubSpot And Infusionsoft).

4 Ways to Explain Your Pricing Strategy to Yourself (and Your Client)

Even after you read the proven steps I’ve used – you can still feel nervous.

But please don’t quit now.

Here are for ways to make you feel confident in whatever pricing you decide.whatever pricing you decide.

1. Understand the Value You Help Create

It’s very common that people feel guilty when you can’t see directly the value you bring to them.

But the best method is just understand which problems you are solving.

Let’s take this example:

  • If you are a merketer, you’re helping with sales, braind and cash-flow problems. even if it’s will not lead to $1 million in direct’s still will increase the client base. for example – people spending more time on your site? people happy with your services?
  • If you’re a copywriter, you’re solving a messaging problem for your clients. You’re helping your client create more attractive website copy, email drip campaigns, landing pages and more. You’re uniting the brand under one “voice.”
  • If you’re a fitness trainer, you’re solving a health problem for your clients . This doesn’t necessarily mean weight loss: Maybe you’re helping people feel better. optimizing their diets. Lower their cholesterol levels.

To be clear on what value you creating, talk to your clients or customers about their targets. Then break down metrics or key performance indicators you can quantify and measure your success.

It’s will help you set your pricing right.

2. Recognize That People Are Buying Time

Most of the amazing products and services have gaind huge market share over the past years is doing ONE things really good: Save People’s Most Valuable Asset: TIME.

Uber: People don’t use it because it’s comfortable.

People use it because it’s saves to get from one place to another.

Time is a limited resource, and everyone values their time.

Even if the ROI is not so good, business owner will buy your services if they can have more time to do some other actions.

If your service is not generating direct revenue,

think about how much time your customer will save.


3. People VALUE What They Pay For

What happens when you give your family “great” advice?

Most of the times it’s go to the garbage.

People tend to ignore valuable insights if they are free of chage.

Now for example if you are getting advice from Tony Robbins, who charge $2,00 for a seminar. Tons of fans will do exactly what he says because of the cost.

Another example,

I gave my friend a free landing page I wrote for him,

and instead of sending traffic and watch the conversions go up, he did NOTHING.

Money Motivates people to do things, REMEMBER it.

4. Start SUPER Small

“I’ll just be nice man and give it for free.”


You can pay your bills with “free”? I want this to!

When you charge small you are not valuing yourself and people will try to take advantage of you.

REMEMBER: you have a solution for someone else problem and asking for money it’s totally fair.

If you are not sure about charging to much, just try simple startgey even charging $1 it’s better than give for free.

Let’s take those examples:

  • If you are a graphic designer – start with $25-50/hr
  • If you are copywriter, start with $40-70/hr

Go small, then slowly, increase prices as your biz get tractions and give value to your customers. (you can also add benefits and features and you increase your price.

When your biz grow, start trying expriments with pricing, try to 100% higer your price.

If you’re feeling guilty charging for your time, just start small and experiment.

Pricing strategy can be confusing, complicated, or scary — but with my four tips above, you’ll be ahead of the pack.

Comment below what did you take from this post 🙂

7 Necessary HTML Tags that Separate SEO Pros from the Newbies

7 Necessary HTML Tags that Separate SEO Pros from the Newbies

For many sites, first rank at Google is the best thing that can happen to them.

But let me share a story with you:

A company built another website, it’s just another website on a millions websites world.


Unfortunately, lonely websites most of the website will not get results.


If anybody has found it, they mostly to purchase if the website has good copy maybe.


But all the money spend on design and copy does not worth anything if no one can find the site.

If some will need to buy from it, they first need to visit it.


Marketers found, that 93% of people experience on the online market start with search engine:

“Oh!” Said the new website owner, “so we need to rank higher on search engines to create passive income for us!:

But how?!

Most of the people first try paid search.

They pay google to put their website on top of the search results, when consumers search for certain keywords.


And while it’s give them a little boost, it’s not the traffic amount they were expecting.

So they did some more research and found that organic results instead of paid results get 70% of clicks.

“Alright!” They say to themselves, “so we need to rank organically to get more clicks!”

Again…they asked themselves how?

After a while they came to conclusion they most understand search engine marketing, which answer the name of SEO.


They need to know HTML Tags…

1. Title tag

This is probably the most crucial tag you need to know, when it’s comes to boost your ranking.

For any search engine to help you rank your site, it want to know what is your content is all about, what your page is about, and what the site is about.


The title tag, describes, the topic of each page, or each piece of content on your website.

And it does it in a language search engines could understand.


Here is where the title tag appear on Google:


The keywords you should target with your content must be in your title tag

to explain to search engines how they should rank you.


How can I know this?

If you notice they similarities between the meta description (what is under the title) and the title tag – they both have exact phrase.

And doing this little things, is really important for your ranking.

But we will talk about the meta description later.


Let’s continue to talk about the title tag on your site.

It’s will look like this:


Start with the “<title>” tag and end with “</title” to let search engines indicate the topic and keywords

you are talking about on the webpage.

Let’s see how you can do it if you have WordPress website.


Go to your dashboard:


Click on posts

Choose the post you want and add a title tag to.

WordPress make it really easy for you, when it says “Enter Title Here”, type in what you want as your title tag.

A quick note:

Since you are using WordPress,

There is no need to worry about the HTML tags.


You just need to type and WordPress will do the hard job for you.

If you don’t use WordPress, than you’ll probably need to do it by yourself.

2. Meta description tag

After adding the title tag, the meta tag is really important to anyone who want to get results with his SEO.

Think of it as a back of the book.


The title is the head, and the meta is couple of sentences

that summarize the information shortly and what is the book is about.


If you will do it right, your meta will not only help to rank you at google,

but also it’s can be persuasive and make more people click.

Here he is how the Meta is shown on Google results:


As you can notice,

the focus keywords on the title are also appearing on the meta description

under the title “Digital Marketing Startegy”

This is crucial for you.


You need to have a connection between the title tag and your meta description tag

so that search engines will be able to recognize what you are going to talk about.


For example:

When you use the phrase “digital marketing”, on your title tag,

But only use the phrase “SEO” on your meta,

so the search engines will rank your lower.



Because they can know what is the content is discussing for 100%.

Here an example of HTML meta description:


As you can see,

The focus keywords for the title tag are also in the meta description: “Digital marketing strategy.”

This is critical.


You need to have some sort of connection between your title tag

and your meta description, so search engines can easy understand what you are going to write about.


Say, for example, that you use the phrase “digital marketing” in your title tag,

but only use the phrase “SEO” in your meta description. Search engines will rank you lower

because they can’t determine what the content is specifically discussing.


Is it about SEO or digital marketing?

Choose one and stick with it.

Here’s what the meta description HTML tag looks like:

Each page on your site should target only one keywords.

And this keywords should appear on title tag and the meta description.


Those 2 diffrent keywords are not having a connection so that will only confuse the search engines.

Just chose one or the other.


If you are using WordPress, to include the meta description can be suprer simple.

Just go to where you want to add the meta description.

On the right side, you will notice a box that says “SEO Description”.

Click it.

Just type the meta description in the box that include your target keywords:

If you wish to see what a site look like on Google Results, you can always click on the preview button.

3. Header tags

The headers tags a really easy to include on your content.

They don’t go anywhere special.



look at the bolded text next to number three that says “header tags”.

That entire line is an h2 tag.


There are some different header tags.

It’s really depends on the format.

You might have h1,h2,h3 and sometimes h4 and h5.


The reason for those 5 headings, is to make your head lines subheadings

in order to organize your content.


Here is what HTML tag look like:



Those header tags, don’t just help you to organize your content.

It’s really help your SEO.


Think about it:

When you tag all your headings during the post,

you explain to the search engines exactly

what is your content is about.


This is how google creates snippets you’ll notice when you search for a topics sometimes:

Because the author of this content has organized it to easy-to-read steps,

So Google knows how build it when showing to web searchers.


If you are using visual editor, you can just click to correct the headings.

In an HTML editor, just include the tags <h1> on the frond ent and </h1> at the end.

You can do the same things with all other header tags.


4. Image alt tags

This is a great SEO chance the many people don’t take.

It’s very easy to focus only on words you are writing and completely ignore images.


But reality?

People don’t search in Google only under “All” tab.


Sometimes people will search under images tab.

And when it happens the SEO game become a little bit different.


Search engines don’t know yet to read images, but they know to read words.

What is means is you have a chance of your images to rank on google,

so you need to include all tags on your screen shots and photos.


In this way, when someone will look for a certain images,

He still will be able to find your content.


Here is what it look like:

To include this tag on images in your WordPress post, click on an image and you’ll see this bar appear:

On the side, you’ll see an empty box that’s labeled “Alt text.”

Type the words in that box the describes the best what is the image is about.


It doesen’t need to include the keyword you are targeting

for the overall content piece this image housed within.


You can play your own SEO game.

save the changes and do the same to the rest of your imaegs.

It’s will increase the change people will find your content.

5. Nofollow link tags

There are some reasons you to know about nofollow link tags.



you need to know what they are.


Nofollow tags, explain to search engine to not relate the link as a backlink for the website.

In other words, linking to website or piece of content

would normally increase that website’s domain authority.

But with noflollow tag it won’t.


Hey, don’t worry: this link will still work.

It’s will take whoever click on it to the right place.


It’s just won’t help with yoru SEO.


Here is what is look like:

But why you need to know about nofollow links?

Few reasons:

If you are having a backlink SEO startegy for your website,

so you need to know whether the backlinks you have are dofollow or nofollow.

Dofollow will help your ranking more than nofollow links.


There are some opinions using nofollow links on your website when you link a poor domain authority.


Here is how can do it on your WordPress site.

Just click on the HTML option on your blog post editor:

Add the link you want to include with this clause.

Now the link won’t influence other website’s SEO and will protect you for damaged domain authority.


6. Links and anchor text tags


Throughout your content, you’re probably going to link to different websites.

Whenever you need to include stats or images, just make sure you are giving credit.


Usually, a link will be enough.

But not many people know about anchor text in link tag.


Most people will just add the link and forget about the anchor text.

Here how that whole things look like as an HTML tag:


The actual link tag is this part: <a href=””>. And the anchor text is directly after it: This is a link to my website.</a>.


But why is anchor text so crucial?

Because google want to understand what the link is about.

Where are you linking and if it’s matters?


Your anchor text should answer those questions for Google.

Good anchor text does a few good things.


If you are link to someone else website and provide a great anchor tag,

it can help their ranking.


And if you’re link to page on your own website,

it can increase the domain authority because it’s keeps your content organized.


Search engine are in love with organized content.

And that’s what bring me to the last tag.



7. Canonical tags

This is a great way to rganize your content, and prioritizng one web page over duplicate web pages.

But you might think to yourself, I don’t have any duplicate pages.



but you’re being mistaken.


Since we’re human beings and not search engines,

It’s really difficult for us to understand at first.


Let me explain to you:

Search engine could crawl the same web page using all of these types of URL’s

And for us, it’s might be seem like the exact web page.

But the search engine?

Each one is a duplication.


That’s only a little sample of how many duplicates most websites have.

So your website could have hundreds of thousands of duplicate pages.


This becomes problem when search engines are trying to rank your content.

It’s might be confusing for the search engines, to rank each one of those URL’s separately.


In order to solve it, we can use the canonical tags to specify which URL Google should pay attention above others.

Here is what a tag look like:


If you will do this its will help search engines to read your websites and rank you much beter.


One final tip: Use software to add tags

Most of the marketers doesn’t have the patience and will to go into the code and change the tags by themselves.

Exactly for that reason, use software that will make it crazy easy for you.


My 2 good ones are Yoast or Moz.

If you have a WordPress website, Yoast have a great plugin

that will make this tag adding super simple.


Yoast will run an overall analysis of your content SEO

and will notify you how are you doing.


In thsi way you will know exactly what need to be improved.

Moz has SEo tools to, that will give you the option to do the same things.


Choose what ever you want.

If you’re nervous about doing it yourself, just download software

that will make the process easier for you.


Without those optimized tags, your SEO is going to suffer.

so will you need the,.



There very few things to see we achieved #1 ranking as online marketers.

Most of the times, it’s take tons of time.


We spend months and years working our ass off

to improve it’s ranking

and suddenly it’s finally reach to the top.


And to reach that goal we must HTML tags.


Because that what search engines demand,

and most people are to lazy for that so you could benefit from that.


Anyone who don’t do this missing a huge SEO oppourtinity.

With all of that HTML-speak, you’ll be good and ranking faster that you thought.






How MeetEdgar Company Achieved $4 Million a Year On Revenue With Great Goal Setting

Hi There Tigers


Today we will talk about goal achieving.


Most team planing today is bad:

  • Many meeting to talk about company and team goals.
  • Talk in loops about ideal goals and barley making any work.
  • Time pass and you still didn’t’ implemented any idea so you take last-minute goal.


And the result?

Bad goals which lead to decrease on revenue.


But there is a hop out there, there are companies who doing it right.

MeetEdgar is one of those examples.

Recently, friend of mine, Laura Roeder – the CEO and the found of MeetEdgar – showed me step by step how she is using

effective goal setting to make her company bigger and eventually reach $4 million ARR last year.

Nice, Can You Give Me Some money?:)

MeetEdgar uses a combination of the RockeFeller habis to create super effective goals and grow fast.

It’s sounds really interesting for me, so I had to get all the details.

This is Laura Story:

Before she launched MeetEdgar she had a social media consultancy.

One of her biggers clients asker her how he can plan and set the right goals for his business.

After years of trying different strategies I found the right formula that worked for me and my business.

For MeetEdgar, to set proper goals and meaniningfull goals resulted on $4 million ARR in 3 years.


You maybe can notice that growth is slow, but stable.

No Ups and downs.

And the best?

Understanding how to set right goals and how to achieve them, means you don’t have a list of million things to do and work 17 hours a day.

What you see in front of your eyes is the exact goal setting worksheet we used to focus MeetEdgar’s goals in the first quarter:



I order to help your bussiness, you’re going to get step-by-step strategies and goal seeting examples I used at MeetEdgar to go from $0 to $4 Million ARR only on 3 years.

I’llshow you how to set goals and achieve them – but first of all, let’s look on what you are probably doing wrong:

The BIGGEST goal settings error is making

Good goal setting isn’t focusing on the end results.

Instead, is focus on every step you take to get that goal.

Here what it’s look like on everyday business context:

You might say “My business goal for next year is build a better marketing strategy”.

It’s not focused enough.

What the hell “Better Marketing” mean in practical, actionable items?

How you can know you having success there?

My favorite startegy so fat is to take a big goal and break it down to a little chunks:

  • “Spend 1 hour sending Linkedin Messages to potential mentors tommorow”
  • “Pitch my product to 5 podcast every week”
  • “Write and sumbit 3 guest posts this month”
  • “Comment on twitter once a week to followers”

Effective goal setting is very similar to a good copywriting.

The more specific and detailed, will increase the chances you will achieve the target.

Goal setting on the right way is how Laura took MeetEdgar to $4 Million ARR with 30 employees.

Noah Kagan from OKdork used the same method to build 8-figure business.


Like everything on life and business, you need to be careful of the extremes.

Goal setting most of the times, isn’t simple as saying “I’m going to be specific as I can”. you must have balance between art and science.


Start goal setting with your “End Goal”

your end goal is how you imagine your business for the long-term.

It’s means thinking about more thatn only numbers.

At MeetEdgar, the future picture is broken to 3 parts:

1.) Products

2.) Indsutry

3.) Company


On each of those 3 parts, they focus on imagine three years ahead, it’s helps them get their creative mindset going.

1.) Here is an example for picture for our future product:

“Edgar is focused tool, and a tool with point of view.

Edgar guides customers thorught best practices of how to be effective, like suggesting catagories and how frequntly to post.

Customers just point Edgar towards what they’ve created and he does the rest! 

Our customers love how easy and hands-off using Edgar feels, and love all the support we provide for the best possible outcome both within the tool and in on-on-on conversations.”

2.) Our future picture for the industry”:

“We are no longer pitching our team to speak on stage, be feature on podcast, be featured on blog posts.

Instead our entire team is swamped of requests because we’ve become so known in our industry.”

3.) MeetEdgar future picture for the company:

“Our workplace feels like a place where MeeetEdgar values (kindness,ownership, and Value for Value) are really lived every day.

Limitng the size of our team was the right choice we are past the churn constant hiring, and are able to keep improving and optimizing our structures and workflows.

We are a small but mi strong team and we love how rapid we can move.”


Now, it’s your time. here are 3 questions you can ask for yourself in order to have picture on mind for your vision:

1.) What’s your dream product for your business look like in three years?

2.) Your industry?

3.) Your company?


Once you figured it out for your long-term vision, it’s time to start thinking about where to focus that energy.

Creating effective goals with a few big “Milestones” every quarter

Meetings, emails, slack messages and “fires” to put out.

Most entrepreneurs live their days responding to things.

When their day is over, they look at their calendar and think to themselves..:”.WTF did I get done today?”

HYEPR FOCUS is crucial.

Every quarter, the team on MeetEdgar choose three “Milestones” for themselves.

Your company Milestones should be achieved every 3 months.

For example, let’s take out customer support for example:

1.) Hire e new people (we hire at a rate of at least 1 per 1,500 new users)

2.) Improving training outline

3.) Create more step-by-step process documentation.

Even if the milstones are not so creative, they need to exist on order to move your business forward.

You might have notices that those milstoness from our customer service department were actual KPI’s:

  • No “Reduce median response time by an hor”
  • No “Improve average satisfaction ratings nby 10%”
  • No “Decrease refunds by 15%”

Instead of that, the Customers Experience team’s goal setting focused on actionable goals we could make more easily control.

Milestones can be controlled.

Completing milestone will put you closer to achieve the results you tried, like getting a certain number of new customers.

Another example? here you go.

Noah Kagan waa the director of marketing at, and he used similar goal setting to grow from 0 to 1 million users in 6 months.

To keep it simple, we don’t plan longer than 3 months, because the tech industry is changing so fast.

The result of focusing on “milestones” were absolute crazy for our business.


If we talking about your business, use my favorite questions to find your biggest milestones:

  • What are you not doing and you should be doing?
  • What feels messy to you?
  • What have you putting off because you’re scared to do it?
  • What is the future you’re head toward, and what you don’t like about it?
  • What is the most obvious change that would benefit your business?

Maybe you want to…

But don’t stop there.

You must think about practical steps you can take to get closer to your goals.

If you want create your milestones template here are few tips for you:

  • Organize your milestones by catagory. Keep them in once place like Google Drive location, Dropbox folder or somewhere else that can be shared with everyone.
  • Color it according to your progress. it’s need to be simple; Complete or In Progress.
  • Review it daily. Allow your team to whos off their wins, ask for advice, and hold each other accountable.
  • Review uncopleted milestones at the end of each quarter. What went wrong? dig in yourself to discover what goal should be modified or re-attempted.


Keeping those milestones in a spreadsheet helps, but only if peoples actually lok at it.

Put in front and center- so nobody – including your self will be able to use the “We lost track of the goal” excuse.


Behind the scenes: Meet Edgar’s 2017 Goals

When a new quarter approaches, each of our team leaders decides on the three big milestones for their department.

After each department defines their three big milestones for the upcming quarter, we review them together as a group.

Everyone knows each other’s priorities.

Here our big milestons from Q1 2017:

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the Customer Experience (CX) rocks.

How did we do and what did we learn in Q1?

Some of our Q1 big rocks were successes for the entire company, even though they were determined and completed mostly by a single department.

Four example, our Development team improved our onboarding process. This means better retention and less support requests.

On the other hand, our Development team team also failed with a second rock: Writing three blog posts.

This taught the team that choosing goals outside their usual routine might be too ambitious.

With failures and successes in mind, we adjusted for the big rocks for Q2:

All the three Development goals match the team’s usual routine.

Once every team decides on their big milestones, we keep them in front and center.

MeetEdgar hold a company-wide kickoff call every Monday, so each department can provide mielstones updates – and we never lose focus on what’s MOST important to grow the business.


Here is a little reminder of your new planning process:

  • Always think on terms of actions you can take, not only results.
  • Imagine a picture of your company’s long terms future.
  • Create actinable and achieveable mile stones for each quarter.
  • Keep those goals on front of your mind and hold yourself accountable.

Dot this each quarter and actually accomplish those goals with consistency, and finally you’ll find that getting yourself to the future you want will happen a lost faster than you thought.



Please comment what you are going to set as your targets for 2018..!

How Nomadic Matt Grew a Travel Blog to 15 Million Followers

How Nomadic Matt Grew a Travel Blog to 15 Million Followers

It’s a FANTASY of many people to travel for living.

But Nomadic Matt make this his reality.

Matt is New York Times Best Seller and owner of the succesfull travel blog

He’s been almost on every place around the world, he got 1 million visitors per month…

And he make income for writing about travel.




If you a 9-5 office “slave” who want this kind of life, it’s possible for you.

Matt started his blog while working on a desk job he hated.

Today, Matt show us on his blog how he got started, how he grew his community and started make money blogging.


How Matt Started His Blog While Working On Coporate Job

Matt traveled to Thailand in 2005 and since than he felt in love with travling.

At the time, he made income with a boring office job he hated for a local hospital.

When he came back from his trip, to his boring routine, he felt inside he need to make change and fast.

During the nights, and on weekend, and even on his day job, Matt learned how to Blog, HTML & SEO.

Matt did this for eight months. And like every process there a lot failures, mistakes and online money  🙂

But after eight months, he done it right to earn his first paycheck: He sold a group of text links to an advertiser for $1,000.

Even the first check arrived, he still was persistent on creating new content and trying new ideas.

And here comes a lesson for wannabe bloggers:

Persist, Expriement and try new things,

Matt also, started to build his community and learn how to be dominant and stand out of his competition:

  • Marketing: how to dominate his niche and be unique above other travel blogs.
  • PR: He always looked for opporutinities to get shared on big magazines such as the New York Times.
  • SEO: He learned how to outrank other travel sites in Google for free search traffic.


During his PR efforts, Matt began to follow a group of journalists and other travel blog to keep his eye on opportunists.

Eventually, it worked.

Matt got a free PR on New York Times “Frugal Traveler” Section.

Luck + Preparation = success.

His audience started to get much bigger and more journalists began to share his story.

The best?

He was making enough money from selling text links, to have enough time to write his book.

As the site got more attention from media, Matt had to figure out a way to grow his revenue.


Growing outside of your niche

Matt has taken similar approach to growing his readers crowd and making money bloging by finding related audeinces.

He could have guests posts on every other travel blog, to appear on travel podcasts, and to show up on New York Times “Frugal Traveler” section…

But than he will became just like another every travel blogger.

Part of maintaining success he to think outside of the box as an habit.

So Matt, started to guest post on different types of blogs and podcasts.

For example:

  • He went to blogs of people who like finance and also like to save for traveling.
  • He joined podcasts on the enterentuship space – Like Noah Kagan Blog.
  • Focusing on posting on sites that relate to millennials which really like to travel, give him the chance to find new relevant readers.

Matt wanted to dominate his niche space by becoming “the onine traveling guys” among all his friend on different niches and industries.

This the reason he worked so hard to make a post for Remit Sethi, the bussiness guru, and Tim Ferris life hacking blog.

He would never get so FAR by staying on his niche.


How To Make A Living From Blogging 2018

This question had to come.

Made made his income from selling text links back than on 2009, this method is dead.

So Matt did some changes.

Today, he has 3 main stream of income:

  • Ebooks: he had 11 ebooks about traveling advcies and location bases books.
  • Affiliates: Money from putting affiliate links to: flight sites, hotel sites, reward credit cards and more.
  • Travel Media School: Matt is making online courses to help other bloggers and travelers to create extraordinary content.

All these revenue streams are creating Matt monthly bussiness revenue.


How to generate revenue from a blog in 2018

Online business moves fast.

Matt was making money from selling text links in 2009. Today, that strategy is dead.

So Matt evolved his business.

Today, he has three main revenue streams:

  1. Ebooks: 8 destination-specific guidebooks and 3 general guides on travel advice
  2. Affiliates: Money from linking to travel reward credit cards, flight sites, hotel sites, and more partner links.
  3. Travel media school: Matt produces courses to help other bloggers and travelers create awesome content

All of these revenue sources make up Matt’s financial model… but not everything is created equal.

60% Of Matt’s income?

Is from products he created by himself.

The data shows us that Product Creation is the number one way to make money for bloggers on 2018.

Matt even says: “You Don’t want to be at the mercy of anyone else”

Everything work until one day it’s stops.

Even influencer marketing which is really popular these days, will be dying soon…everything has a deadline.

So if you still thinking on how to make money blogging, Matt’s blueprint is a great one to follow.



How to Build a Profitable Webinar Sales Funnel from Scratch

How to Build a Profitable Webinar Sales Funnel from Scratch

You want more sales. You want more leads.

But more than that, you want those leads to convert.

It’s one of the worst things on bussines when leads arent turning into customers.

Otherwise, why we are getting leads if they are not turning into sales?

The target of the funnel is to build a relationship with leads so they move idealy into the buying procedure.

The meaning of it?

You lose less leads.

In many cases you lose leads because lazy marketing.

Or maybe you forget to follow up.

Or maybe you was to busy to do this kind of job.

Digital marketers 2 roles.

First, is to bring more leads and second, turn them into paying customers.

And sales funnels?

It’s accomplishes both of them.

And a smart thing to do is to include webinar on your sales funnel.

Here is example of what sales funnel on webinar will look like:


Webinars are usually comes on video format, they give a more personal feeling to people who thinking to use your service.

It’s give them the feeling you are talking directly to them.

And as any experienced sales man know, trust make customers.


As the leads are going through your funnel, the number of them will decrease from step to step.

A good funnel do 2 major things:

1.) It’s help get more sales and nurture them.

2.) It’s qualify your leads so you will know who need to get more attention.


Your target isn’t to convert any lead that enter the sales funnel, but to convert the right leads.

In order to make it happen, you need a a process of building a converting webinar sales funnel.

And it goes like that:


1. Get Traffic From Facebook Ads

Every marketer today know Facebokk Ads are on of the most powerful tools for marketers those days.

Facebook is the largest social media platform with 2 billon users.

And if you think about if for a second there are only 7 billion people on earth,

So facebook on his way to dominate the world 🙂

Or at least leaving a massive impact.


As you can see on the image,

There are other social plaftform that can work for you.

But none of them have a chance aganist Facebook.

Because of that, my recommandtion is to start with FB ads, and that’s will be the top of your funnel.

Due to Facebook sophisticated targeting methods it’s should be easy for you to find the right audience and show them the right ad.


Here are some advice about using right FB Ads:


Find Your Audience Pain And Push Through

Every enterperenuer and salesperson know how much it is iportant to push through the prospect pain point and than resolving this pain.

Ashaly Stahl does awesome job on her weibnar with Facebook ad:


Every person that went to a job interview with high execpations that he is the right candiate and lost his confidence when he didn’t get any answer.

Ashely know that pressure point and explains how her webinar going to help with this.

Use Her example and do the same:

Touch on the point you’re going to reslove for your custmers.

And ask yourself: what the customers are going to solve with my webinar content?

Then the second step is to include the problem and solution on your FB ad.


Explain your solution

If you will not explain your point good enough, most of the chanes they will leave.

So better wise to explain your point very clearly.

Look at the example of GMAT club:



A problem and a solution go together like hammer and nail.


Be Human And Personable

If you marketing isn’t personal, people will ahve hard time building relationship with your company.

And if they don’t trust you, they won’t come to your webinar and won’t buy.

When Liz Benny marketed her webinar on how to become a paid social manager,

She emphasized her playful approach with fun picture that shouts”trust me, i’m going to help you”

Find the balance between trusty and autoitive, it’s up to you wheere the balance sit, but consumers on the age of interent value authencticy.

So try to be more transpernt.


Reveal Your Story

On of the tactics on copywriting, it’s always to tell a story so that the prospect can make abtter conection to you,

just think about your success and how you got to this pint.

What obestcales you got throught the way, what did you learn, what you could teach other people?

There always someone below you who look to get to your level, if you will promise them to show them the way they will come to your webinar.

Jason O’neil did great job with his webinar:

So if you are not sure on the topic of your webinar,

just tell people what value they will get out of it.

Everyone journey is a bit different and a good story always touch people.


You Webinar Need To Be Free

When something is free the chanes more people will sign up always increasing.

Michael Hyat, a guru on building audience, know it’s so good.

Just Look on his FB Ad:

He wrote his webinar is free on fire different places!

If you want to bring more people to your webinar,

remove any obstacales that can intterupt them to enter.

And many times price is one of those .

But a important thing you should consider,

that a free webinar maybe can lower his value.

And yes, you should be aware of this risk.

And one of the ways to solve this, is to create exclusivity and urgency, exactly like Michael did “Limited Seats”

If you will do that it will increase the percieved value of you webbie and generate more leads and sales.

Include on Your webbie “But Wait!” There’s more!

Most of us don’t like infomercials.

That annoying, and this phrase saying “wait, there’s more ” can drive us crazy.

We all know they are lying to us…

But there is a reason they still using it for so long time, the reason is because it WORKING.

For sure, you need to be creative because some of the phrases become overly cliche and don’t give results anymore.

But this startegy is still working.

Consider using exit-intent popups on e-commerce websites and websites that are collecting leads.

This method is working well because human usually want to make a smart decisions when they are buying things.

Sometimes, just a little incentive can make the difference and make you feel like you are getting a gift, and push you the purchase page.

A lot of e-commerce online shops use this startgey.

DODOcase use it:

And Pura Vida Bracelets does, too.

But the question, hwo you can do it on your webinar?


Every webinar today has a followup offer at the end.

You need to make the offer sound so freaking amazing by adding a big discount,

bonuses, and maybe a chance to win something.

It’s doesen’t have to big something to complicated,

Just look at Silverpop email for example:

Many times, people need extra push to buy. A “But wait! There’s more!” clause gives it to them.

3. Capture email leads

For many of you that reading it’s might be obvious.

But I am going to talk about it anyways.

When you sending traffic to your webinar,

Don’t allow yourself to forget to collect emails during the signup process.

Without getting their email, you can’t follow up, and it’s results at converting less leads into webinar particpants.

rEMEMBER: The target of your webinar is to create leads.

If you did a good job some of these leads will convert fast, but others need more build up, and maybe more content about you and your activity.

Look at this webinar registration page for example:

Some of those leads will convert immediately. Others will need some work. Build your contact list so that you can follow up with the latter category.

This webinar, for example, has a registration page that looks like this.


When you click “Claim my spot now!” this window comes up.

They even don’t ask for you name, just your email address.

In today digital marketing email address is the prority of contact information.

You can request for their name

But the truth?

it’s really unccessary since it won’t add any value.

And most people will not put their phone numbers.

Everyone is already regular to give email, so make sure you are getting it.

This will give you the option to send them alrt when the webinar is starting and follow up after.

It’s a MUST for any sales funnel.

4. Thank Everybody for registering

For some stupid reason, many marketers skip this step.

They assume if they took a client email adress so they finished.

But a first impression is super importat.

If someone just signed for your webinar, what that means that he trust you,

consider you giving a good content,

and maybe will you tell about you to his friends.

So the minimum you can is just say thank you.

And many smarter marketers like Alex Becker for example,

put a video on their thank you page, which make is much more personal.

Here is another example,

when I subscribed to Smart Blogger webbie, i recieved a friendely email:


Many marketers skip over this step, assuming that they’ve done their job by securing an email address.

But you also need to leave a good impression.

Someone just signed up for your webinar. That means that they trust you, consider your content valuable, and might even tell their friends about it.

The least you can do is say thank you.

Don’t overthink it. Keep it simple and thank them for signing up.

When I subscribed to a webinar with Smart Blogger, I received this friendly email.


The follow-up email used to thank me and show me how Can I join the webinar

In a similar way, you can thank people with discount of a gift for joining your webbie,

look athe Naturebox example:


Or consider this completion page that thanks the person who subscribed and offers additional free content.

Or maybe you can try a completion page that thank people who susbcribed and offer addiontal free  content:

Or maybe you can be simple and just say “thank you” like Orbit Media Studios does whenever someone is sending request.

Thank you page are aprt of the digital marketing world, and your webinar shouln’t be diffrent.

First impresions are suprt important because youwill keepign in contact with them for the next few months or weeks.

So try to start on right foot.

Keep it simple, but be sure to say thank you.




5. Give them a true value on your webinar

Many marketers make the mistake and start pitching and give complleing offers before they gave enought valuable content.

And of course you want to call them to action on a point of the webinar, but oyou need to show a real value before.

What is the reason for that?


The webinar is going to form on their mind the perception of who you are and what your bussiness is.

If you webbie is just sales pitch one after another, they’ll probably will neer come to another webinar you will be hosting.

Remember, that you’re making here relationship with human which are your leads in order to convert them to buyers.

On Jon Morrow’s webbie (CEO of smart blogger), het really give a true value to hsi audience.

He compared between his way and old and show the benefits he going to reveal:dium.

At the end of his talk, he even told people that they could pitch him a blogging topic and he would critique it.

Additionally, the entire webinar was live, which built even more trust with his audience.

He even explained how to came with blog topics ideas from BuzzSumo:

He even told us how to come up with blog topics using BuzzSumo.

And that’s exactly where magic happens.

All this value he provided make his product look much more attractive.

Of course don’t forget on the end to give a little pitch and push them to buy.

6. Give Them Irresitible Offer

Every webinar always ending with sales pitch, that why we started it from don’t we?

Of course we provide value, but you want to make sales.

And that’s fine.

Just make sure your Offer is enough attracting for your audience that they want to greab it when it comes.

In Jon Mororws’ webinar, he talked about that fact, While medium platform is effective at start, but after you will hae hard time monetized your blog there.

Than he tells, hat you can build your website and sales funnel by yourself.

But at the end he asks us a question:

And like an experience marketer he offers us his crazy guarantee

The last step he adds the pricing so everyone can knows what is the price.

One last step, is finish with Testimonials.

As he is going on each of these slides, he talk about them.

For some people your pitch at the end will be enough, for some others, it’ wont and that’s fine.

7. Follow up with non-converters

Most of the people give up on people who didn’t convert.

And it’s like throwing money to the garbage.

Most people need a lot of touch points before they feel secure to buy.

So don’t quit right away

I had leads that even convert after  6 months, you can’t know.

After Jon webinar I got an email:


Then, the day after, I received this email.

A week later, I received this.

And finally, later that same night, this hit my inbox.

Job, followed up with non-converters at least 4 times.

And if you are not doing the same thing you are leaving money on the floor.

On of the 6 principles of persuasion Robert Childini talk on his book Influence, is consistency,

You need to be consistent on your actions and marketing in order to influence and make more people to buy.

You need to take them through this process and always reminding theme of your offer.


Final Conclusion

The main thing you want to avoid is when you host webinar you bring people will not become customers eventually.

If you do this is just waste of your efforts.

Sadly, many webinar falling to this trap, and don’t convert their leads.

It’s a sad situation.

So if you are taking one piece of advice from here?

Create  a profitable sales funnel.

Don’t just host a webinar to say to yourself; “i DID WEBINAR”.

you need think how to guide some on the best way to thinking about buying your service or product.

Often the first step will be to start with ads – I prefer Facebook ads.

And after send your users to register wit their email addresses.

Next step, is to give them real ton value and straightening their opinion about you and your company.

Finally step, is to finish the webbie with irresistible offer and follow up non-buyers.

It’s not space science.

But i’s kind of process you should implement.

If you will use the process you just say, be sure that your conversion rates from webinars will boost up.

What are the first and last steps in your webinar sales funnel?

4 Facebook Ad Metrics You Need to Start Tracking Immediatley

It’s right.
Digital advertising on Facebook is working amazing and should be a
important key of your marketing strategy.
You can show ads within just a few minutes of setting up your account.
And the diverse audience targeting makes it one of the simple platforms when it comes to online advertising.
You can target household income, spending habits, laser-focused demographics, and more.
But that also produces a major problem for back-end advertisers:
More metrics than you can possibly keep look for.
When marketing reports and KPIs are due by 5 p.m., what numbers are you compiling?
It’s hard to choose because Facebook has so many metrics to pick from and nearly unlimited data.
And according to TechCrunch, they plan to add even more!
You already know that marketers have busy schedules with a ton on their plate, so adding more complications, more metrics, and more time (that you don’t have) is not going to come easy.

So, what do you do? How do you control it all?

For starters, you come to conclusion with the fact that you shouldn’t try to manage it all.
You need to narrow your focus to track specific metrics if you want to be more productive.
So let’s take a look at four critical Facebook Advertising metrics
that you need to start following ASAP.

1. Real conversions

If you look at Facebook’s “Glossary of Ad Terms,” you can see every metric they currently share with advertisers on their platform.
It’s organized nicely in alphabetical order for you, too:

All those metrics right there? That’s just a small section of the metrics starting with the letter “C.”
When you log in to your Facebook Ads Dashboard and edit the columns, you see more metrics than you can even understand:
And those metrics are just under the “Performance” section. They Continue and Continue…
The metrics offered are shocking, to say the least.
You simply don’t have the time to spend collecting from all those metrics.
So you need to focus and prioritize.
Which brings me to this important metric: Conversions.

This should be your primary focus when it comes to Facebook Ad metrics.
It answers the simple question that’s important for all your campaigns:
Are these ads making people complete the action that was intended at a high rate?
If the answer is no, you don’t even need to check any other metrics. You simply need to change your offer, audience, or value proposition.
For example, check out this Facebook Ad that I got from Bonobos, an online clothing store:

What do you think the goal of this ad is?
Well, looking by the “Shop Now” call to action, they clearly want me to purchase one of their products.
This means that whoever is running their marketing and advertising is going to be feverishly checking their conversion data to see the rate at which people are buying.
If it’s too low, it’s a clear indicator that the campaign is not working.
Remember: It’s better to have five clicks and five conversions than 1,000 clicks and five conversions.
Tracking conversions is critical because it will tell you if what you’re offering is intersting for that audience.
It’s also one of the only metrics that you can easily tie back to ROI.
Conversions should be your top metric in any KPI or marketing report.
But not just any conversion metric.
Conversions on Facebook are diverse. For example, the Ads Manager allows you to track tons of different conversion-style metrics:

So the thing here is to focus on conversion metrics that explain you end-goal results.
For example, focusing on a conversion metric like “Website Adds to Cart” wouldn’t make sense.

Why? Because it tells you nothing about ROI or closing a sale. It only tells you that someone added your product to their cart.
And guess what? Cart abandonment rates are pretty high when it comes to e-commerce shopping:

If you are tracking add-to-cart conversions, you will be wasting time and money.
More than 73% of the people who add products to their carts on your website will not buy from you. And that’s just data from customers on desktop computers.
So those conversions don’t really tell you nothing.
Depending on your goals, you are better off tracking metrics like website leads, website purchases, and website conversions:
For your conversion metric, you have dozens of choices. The ones above are just examples of conversion metrics that tie back to sales and ROI.
Just make sure you look at a metric that is relevant to your campaign and shows a direct impact on revenue or closing a deal.
Which leads me to my next metric, which is perfect for accompanying conversions.


2.) Cost per result (CPR)
Simply follow conversions and calling it a day isn’t good.
You need a well-rounded marketing and advertising report that shows you more than just sales.
For example, let’s say that you had 1,000 conversions on your latest campaign.
Sounds good, right? Of course.
But how much did you have to spend to get those 1,000 sales?
Did you go over your bottom line? Did it cost $30 per sale when your product only costs $25?
Cost per result is a key metric that helps you understand how much you’re spending for each conversion:
pasted image 0 104
So what is a result? The result is what you select as your conversion metric.
It’s the end goal of your entire advertising campaign. For example, website conversions.
And, it’s calculated just like AdWords determines the cost per conversion:
pasted image 0 154
You simply take the total amount spent on that campaign and divide it by the total conversions.
This will give you the best cost per conversion (or cost per result, as Facebook calls it).
Here’s what the data will be shown like in your Facebook Ads Manager:
pasted image 0 148
You should try to have the lowest possible cost per result on your conversions.
CPR say to you if you are spending too much money on acquisition and cutting into your bottom line.
If you sell cheap products and have a high cost per result, it’s a good sign that your conversions aren’t valuable in the long run.
Thankfully, there is a simple way to monitor this and prevent the problems before they appear.
Navigate to your Facebook Ads dashboard and create a new rule:
pasted image 0 78
Next, under your “Conditions” section, select the “Cost Per Result” action from the list:
pasted image 0 124
Then set the number for your condition:
pasted image 0 136
The key here is to input your bottom line as the number.
For example, if you sell a $50 e-book, you wouldn’t want your cost per result (conversion) to be greater than $50.
So set it to less than the cost of your product to make sure that you don’t sabotage your bottom line.
Next, you need to decide what the action will be if your cost per result is greater than that specified number:
pasted image 0 142
If you want to send a notification only, it’s possble.
If you prefer to automate everything, simply adjust your budget or bid based on the cost per result.
For example, if your cost per result goes too high, you can do any of the following tweaks as a response:
pasted image 0 63
Once you’ve selected your appropriate response, here’s what your completed rule should look like:
pasted image 0 48
This rule says:
If the cost per result is greater than five dollars, lower my bid by 10% on all active ad sets.
Simple Facebook Ad automation at it’s finest!
Cost per result is just as important as your conversion metrics.
It tells you if you are spending too much to acquire those conversions and can help you dial back your ad spend.

3. Frequency
If you have a low Facebook Ad spend every day,
this metric might not be of any worry to you.
But if you are running over $50 in ad spend, it’s definitely one you should track.
So, what is frequency and why does it’s important?
Frequency is how rare (or how many times) someone is seeing your ad:
pasted image 0 151
Why does it critical?
With a greater frequency, people are more likely to become blind to your ad.
Think about it:
Have you ever seen or noticed the same ad on Facebook, YouTube, or even your TV? After a while, it can get boring.
I know that it drives me nuts.
Nobody wants to see the same ad thousandsof times.
It’s just too much and can have an negative effect.
That’s also not good news for marketers on Facebook because they already understand this problem and give users the option to report the ad:
pasted image 0 72
When someone reports or hides your ad, you risk getting dinged on quality and audience targeting.
And that will drive your costs through the roof.
In fact, Ekaterina Konovalova, a writer for Social Media Today, found that a frequency of 10 resulted in a relevance score of 1 out of 10:
pasted image 0 130
Your relevance score is a rating (from 1-10) that judges how well your target audience click on your ads.
So it only makes sense that, as you show them the ad more and more, the more annoyed they will be, resulting in a lower relevance score and super high costs.
AdEspresso found similar data on how bad frequency can be for CTR:
pasted image 0 99
The graph shows that, as frequency goes up, CTR decreases and cost per click goes up.
That’s not good and means that frequency is a key metric to track when it comes to making sure you don’t burn your budget.
According to that AdEspresso study, it looks like high frequency results in a steep goes up in CPC and a nosedive in CTR after just four views.
So limit your ad frequency to just four views per person.
You can use Facebook rules to optimize and automate this process if you don’t want to spend every day checking your metrics and making sure that your frequency number stays low.
To get started, navigate back to your Facebook Ads Manager and create a new rule:
pasted image 0 161
From the dropdown list be sure to select “Frequency” as your new condition:
pasted image 0 158
Apply “4” as the bigger-than value.
This will ensure that once your frequency passes four,
your end action will automatically kick in.
For the action, I’d say to pausing the ad set:
pasted image 0 139
This will save you the trouble of coming back
into the Ads Manager and tediously fixing it yourself.
Frequency is crucial for lower ad costs,
staying in the good graces of your customers, and making more conversions.

4. Click-through rate
Click-through rate (CTR) is a simple yet important metric.
Facebook explain it as the percentage rate at which people clicked your ad,
relative to impressions:

It is calculated by considering the total number of clicks on your ad and dividing it by the total impressions.
For example, if you had 50 clicks and 1,000 impressions, you’d have a CTR of 5%.
So, why is CTR so important?
Mainly because it tells you a few important data points with regard to your campaigns:
If your audience targeting is awesome
If your ad creative is attracting enough
If your offer is irresistble
Essentially, if you have a high CTR, you know that your audience targeting is right.
It also demonstrates that your creative and ad copy are good enough
to drive interests and clicks.
you know that your offer is good enough to get people to leave
what they’re doing and click on your ad.
If your ad CTR is not high,
it’s telling you that something just isn’t good enough.
For example,
check this ad I got from LinkedIn:
pasted image 0 68
It’s totally relevant because at the time I saw it,
I wasn’t a premium member using their Sales Navigator platform.
It was just the perfectly relevant ad to be customed to me to click.
The content, copy, and creative were all for me.
But what if I already using the Sales Navigator platform and saw this ad?
It would be totally irrelevant and would result in a lower CTR for LinkedIn.
CTR is a metric that is often underrated.
It packs tons of data lying beneath the surface of what seems to be a vanity metric.
A great way to monitor and capitalize on CTR as a metric is to create another rule.
If your CTR is skyrocketing past even the 2-3% range, you have struck gold.
According to WordStream’s 2017 Facebook Ad CTR Study,
the average CTR in Facebook Ads across all industries is .90%:
pasted image 0 90
That’s pretty nothing.
It basically means that anything over 2-3% should get you go through the roof.
In B2B ads, the CTR is only .78%. Even e-commerce and retail-based ads are under 2%.
You know that people are interested in your offer
when you’ve got more than a few percent clicking through.
And you need to get all the money value for all it’s worth.
Create a new rule that increases your
daily budget by a specific percent when you hit a certain CTR.
For example, you can set up a rule like this:
pasted image 0 159
This rule simply offers: If the CTR on a given ad is greater than 2%
, increase my daily budget by 25%.
You want to increase your budget to keep the high click-through rate coming. And you want to bring in more of these clicks as as fast as possible.
CTR is an often misunderstood metric that people forget about it.
But CTR is extremely important when it comes to understanding how well your ads connnect with your audience.
Be sure to track this metric in your advertising report.
Social media platforms like Facebook are some of the best places to run advertisements.
They make it easy-peasy for any marketer.
You simply plug in your credit card information and start creating ads.
But what happens when those ads start to get traffic, engagement, and views?
You start to see countless metrics pile up in your dashboard.
You’ll get data from relevance score to frequency and everything in between.
These are great-to-have numbers, but not exactly need-to-have numbers, and looking
too much on all of the moving parts can bog down your efficiency.
It’s best to pay attention to a few key metrics.
Start by focusing your primary attention on conversions.
Conversions should be your number one priority — always.
Conversions, sales, and ROI are the most critical thing when it comes to Facebook metrics.
If you aren’t making a profit,
then advertising isn’t doing what it’s supposed to be good for you.
Next, look on cost per result.
This metric is closely connected to conversions because it shows you how much you are spending to land each conversion.
If you are throwing too much, you need to tone it back using Facebook rules.
And don’t forget how crucial frequency is. The more times someone sees your ad will mean higher costs and lower CTR.
Lastly, you need to focus on click-through rate. It’s the important metric when it comes to assessing your offer, creative, and value proposition.
If you have a low CTR, it’s likely because you aren’t creating attracting ads.
It’s really easy to get caught up in Facebook’s Advertising platform and the countless metrics they give you.
Hone in on these four metrics to drive efficiency and growth and save you some valuable time.
What are the top Facebook Advertising metrics that you focus on?

The Top 10 Canister Vacuums Cleaners of 2017 | Best Ten Reviews

The Top Canister Vacuums Cleaners of 2017 | Best Ten Reviews

We’ve Been Checking Canister Vacuum Cleaners For 4 Years And About 140 Hours.

And We Cleaned Dirt, Debris and pet hair to found the best Canister Vacuum Cleaners Cleaners for you.


A Little Introduction

If you’re searching for a new vacuum cleaner,

you may be wondering which type is the most suitable for your needs.

Canister vacuum cleaners excel in get rid of dirt and debris from hard floor surfaces.

Although plenty on the market today are also able of using on carpets.

There are more easier to haul around your living space due to their miniature size.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners prices start from between $50-$100 up to 300$ and even $1000.

The expensive ones tend to have a massive suction and a better flow rate,

which translates to rapid and more effective sanitation.

However, if you don’t have a pet or suffer from allergies,

you may not need or want to spend a lot on a canister vacuum.

Flexibility is another discussion.

Most canister vacuums are designed with flexibility in mind.

Nonetheless, there are models that more flexible and versatile than others.

For instance,

if you want a vacuum that is simple to carry up down stairs, think about a unit with a lightweight canister body.

Some canister vacuum cleaners have a wand that can be drawn-out to reach into tricker spaces,

while others have spinning hoses for added elasticity.


1. Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister Vacuum Cleaner

The Miele Complete C3 Marin PowerLine canister vacuum cleaner is best for little to medium carpeting.

Features contain a good 1,200 watt suction ability and a height-adjustable electrobrush with LED lights for improved visibility.

The Miele canister vacuum involves foot controls for those with back pain and back probelms.

It’s also easy enough for use on solid floors.

More than that, there is awesome sealed air cleaning system, which holding and retains even the littlest particles and allergens, and a six-stage variable speed motor.

Integrated accessories are included.

To summarize Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister Vacuum Cleaner is ideal for low to medium carpeting. 




Purchase the Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister Vacuum Cleaner here now.


  • 1,200 watt suction power

  • combine height-adjustable brush with LED lights

  • Best for low to medium carpeting


  • A little note the power head turn off when in a fully vertical position

  • Many feeling it’s to heavy to carry up and down stairs

  • Expensive

Purchase the Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister Vacuum Cleaner here now

2. Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum
Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum is best for households with pets.

The vacuum does not have conventional filters, which mostly need to be replaced for the long run.

The reason is because it has Dyson Cinetic technology for dissolution of dust, dirt, and alternative tiny particles that can cause allergies.

Pet features combine a carbon fiber turbine head that take up tiny bits of dust from solid floors along with stiff nylon bristles that grab dirt from carpets.

You won’t able to feel the debris, as the canister throw out with the push of a button.

Other important points include a large bin for less frequent drain along with a wand handle that can spin in 3 directions for more ease.

Ball technology lets you easily give you the ability to clean on little corners and get to a hard places where it usually hard to clean.

This vacuum cleaner is idealfor pet owners.




Buy the Dyson DC39 Ball Multifloor Pro Canister Vacuum here.


  • Big storage bin for little frequent discharge.
  • Debris is cleared with the push of a button
  • Provide special features for pet owners


  • Enlargement hose could be longer
  • A few remind that the vacuum is quite over weighted.
  • The carpet performance could be better

Buy the Dyson DC39 Ball Multifloor Pro Canister Vacuum HERE.

3. Electrolux UltraFlex Canister Vacuum

Electrolux UltraFlex Canister Vacuum

Electrolux UltraFlex Canister Vacuum

Electrolux UltraFlex Canister Vacuum

You can try  Electrolux vacuum cleaner to rig super rich carpets.

Features include an on/off brushroll switch with three-level height adaption.

In addition to carpets, the vacuum cleaner is also abundant for use on bare floors.

Bigger wheels in the back, mixed with a inferior center of gravity, promises smoother turning and steering over furniture and other barriers.

Accompanying items are conveniently stored in the handle for fast access.

More features on the product includes:

  • Flexible suction power and the ability to clean the brushroll with a touch of a button.
  • Automatic cord rewind and can be placed and stored vertically or horizontally.

This vacuum is ideal for super plush carpets.




Buy the Electrolux UltraFlex Canister Vacuum HERE.


  • Best for super plush carpets
  • Multi-level height adaption
  • Automatic cord rewind


  • A handful mention the attachments tend to fall out of their holders
  • The Power Cord Can Be Short to some people
  • It’s can be helpful if the canister was a little bigger

Buy the Electrolux UltraFlex Canister Vacuum HERE.

4. Kenmore 81214 200 Series Bagged Canister Vacuum

 Kenmore 81214 200 Series Bagged Canister Vacuum
Kenmore 81214 200 Series Bagged Canister Vacuum

This Canister Vacuum Cleaner has  a powerful dual-motor system that gives enough suction to pick up bigger and smaller slices of dirt, dust, and debris.

HEPA filtration retain allergens at bay.

The vacuum cleaner is stuffed with automatic cord rewind.

Height flexibility destroys curving and slump over when you vacuum.

This vacuum weighs just benath twenty pounds and comes with a crevice tool, upholstery brush, and a bare floor tool.

Controls are located on the handle.

This vacuum cleaner is best for whole-house cleaning.




Buy the Kenmore 81214 200 Series Bagged Canister Vacuum HERE NOW.


  • Powerful dual motor system
  • HEPA filtration
  • Ideal for general whole home cleaning


  • Some question the durability of the plastic accessories
  • Not the lightest for carrying up and down stairs
  • Base could be heavier

Buy the Kenmore 81214 200 Series Bagged Canister Vacuum HERE NOW.

5. Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum

Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum

Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum

The Strong Mite 3670G vacuum cleaner is made for multi-purpose use.

Weighing  beneath nine pounds, this small canister vacuum cleaner can be lugged up and down stairs and to various parts of the house make your back break.

It also involve a 12-amp motor for massive and deep cleaning.

A blower port that blow out leaves and other debris typically found in outdoor spaces and garages.

On-board cord depository maintain the cord out of the way as you vacuum.

Other features contain fingertip controls, a floor brush, bare floor nozzle, and a dust bag that’s easy to empty.

This Vaccum comes on additional colors.

This vacuum is best for multi-purpose cleaning, inc

Including indoor and outdoor spaces.



Buy the Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum here.


  • Lightweight
  • Available in various colors
  • Best for multi-purpose cleaning


  • No automatic cord rewind
  • A bit loud
  • Some mention the hose pieces fall off easily

Buy the Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum here.

This inexpensive canister vacuum cleaner is made for whole-house cleaning.

Its compact design cause the vacuum effortless to carry up and down stairs.

On addition, the vacuum comes with a carrying handle.

Variable suction control give you the option to tone down the suction for more soft jobs such as curtains and fabrics.

Bagless system means you won’t require to buy bags throughout the life of the vacuum.

You can clean various areas with the flip of a switch.

This BISSELL vacuum have a massive advantage with its 3-stage filtration, including a post-motor filter to capture great particles.

This vacuum is ideal for budget buyers seeking an multi-purpose bagless vacuum.




Buy the BISSELL Zing Rewind Bagless Canister Vacuum HERE NOW.


  • 3-STAGE filtration
  • Variable suction control
  • Includes a carrying handle


  • Short power cord
  • Not the best for carpets
  • Shortfall storage space for attachment

Buy the BISSELL Zing Rewind Bagless Canister Vacuum HERE NOW.

7. Hoover WindTunnel Air Bagless Canister Vacuum

This Hoover vacuum cleaner is unique for its multi-floor power nozzle,

which give you the option to clean those hiddene places around the house.

The New  wind tunnel technology suggest 3 suction channels for pick up dirt and debris,

even when it’s stuck hard.

Combine the wand and cleaning tool for up to 11 feet of cleaning force.

Other features include a three-in-one tool, hard floor brush, and a HEPA media filter that catch little microns.

It’s also have a base cup that let off with the push of a button along with a filter that’s simple to wash off and reuse.

In addition there is automatic cord rewind and an electronic brushroll that cleans hard floors and carpets at the touch of a button.

This vacuum cleaner is ideal for above-floor cleaning.




Buy the Hoover WindTunnel Air Bagless Canister Vacuum here.


  • HEPA media filter
  • Easy-release bottom cup
  • Multi-floor power nozzle


  • Some wish the power cord was longer
  • Lacks height adjustment
  • A few owners mention that the vacuum overheats, although cleaning all filter and canisters may prevent the problem

Buy the Hoover WindTunnel Air Bagless Canister Vacuum here.

8. Dirt Devil EZ Lite Bagless Canister Vacuum

Dirt Devil EZ Lite Bagless Canister Vacuum

If you need an inexpensive vacuum cleaner that’s so tiny you can easily store in a small space such as an office or dorm room, consider this Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner might be the one for you.

Features include:

– Bagless operation

– Automatic cord rewind

– Variable power control.

HEPA filtration assit to take up even the littlest particles.

The vacuum is armed with a impressive 12 amp motor and includes a blockage indicator.

A telescoping wand, mixed with various attachments, grant you to clean the floor, ceiling, and tight spaces in between.

The wand can be prolonged to 45 inches for added convenience.

Accessories contain a dusting brush, crevice tool, and floor nozzle.

This vacuum cleaner is ideal tiny living spaces.

Price: $87.00 (21 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Dirt Devil EZ Lite Bagless Canister Vacuum here.


  • Includes various attachments
  • HEPA filtration
  • Ideal for little spaces


  • Some find the wand hard to store
  • Lacks clips to hold floor attachment securely in place
  • A bit lusty

Buy the Dirt Devil EZ Lite Bagless Canister Vacuum here.

9. Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Canister (NR96)

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Canister (NR96)
Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Canister (NR96)

The Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Canister (NR96) provide help to those having hard times with allergies and asthma with its anti-allergen seal technology, which bait nearly all allergens in the vacuum.

You can use it on exposed floors, area rugs, and carpets.

Another option is its lift-away feature, which grant you to maneuver the spout for cleaning while the canister can be  on the floor.

On-board storage offers room for accessories such as a dusting tool and crevice brush.

This vacuum cleaner is ideal for people who have allergy.




Buy the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Canister (NR96) here.


  • fit for most floor surfaces
  • Lift-away design for simple cleaning over the house
  • Anti-allergen seal technology


  • Some find it complex to empty the canister without dropping contents when removing
  • Doesn’t picked enough debris on hardwood floors
  • Handle lacks an on/off switch

Buy the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Canister (NR96) here.

10. Soniclean Galaxy 1150 Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Soniclean Galaxy 1150 Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Soniclean Galaxy 1150 Canister Vacuum Cleaner

The Soniclean Galaxy 1150 Canister Vacuum Cleaner includes elastic wheels specifically made for use on dainty floor surfaces.

It also has a 31-foot cord with automatic cord rewind.

The body weighs 12 pounds, making it simple to transport when needed.

This canister vacuum contain a secured HEPA filter that take even the smallest particles.

A super fast carpet nozzle is specifically built for low to medium pile carpeting.

Other features the product have:

  • 1500 watt variable speed motor along with ultra quiet operation
  • 360 degree hose rotation.

This vacuum cleaner is ideal for hardwood floors.




Buy the Soniclean Galaxy 1150 Canister Vacuum Cleaner here.


  • Performs awesome on hardwood floors and low pile carpet or mats
  • Adjustable Speed Motor enables cleaning area rugs and drapes
  • Auto-Retractable Power Cord
  • 5 Year Motor Warranty


Ways To Get More Leads From Your Advertising

1.) Mention The Offer In The Headline

Suppose your headline is “How To Retire on an income”.

You can increase response by changing it to read “Free booklet tells how to retire on an income”.

Suppose your headline is “Overweight Men and Women”.

You can increase response by changing it to read  “Free to overweight men and women”.

Here other examples:

Free Sales Kit – Make  Up To $200 a Day

Given To You – The Oxford Dictionary.

2.) Emphasize The Word “Free”

You can increase replies by putting the word “Free” in big print or in capital letters.

In Broadcast advertising and in printed advertising you can repeat the word “free” several times.

Or you can frequently repeat phrases that mean essentially same thing, such as “Send no money”,

“Don’t pay a penny”.

However “FREE” means exactly what it says.


3.) Mention The Offer In A Subhead

The subhead may follow immediately after the main headline like this:

[Main Headline] New electronic calculator

[Subhead] Free 10 days trial

Or the other subhead may be placed in the middle of the ad or near the end.

Here are the typical subheads:





4.) Mention The Offer On The First Paragraph

Most copywriters remember to include a description of the free ebook at the end of the ad.

But many forget to include a brief mention of the ebook at the start of the ad.

Some of the best-pulling ads mention the free ebook twice:

1.) Brief Mention Early in the ad

2.) A complete description at the end of the ad.


5.) Include An Attractive Description Of The Offer

In writing a description of a ebook, you should sit down with the ebook and look at it and write every good thing you can say about it.

Then take your list of items and condense it into a paragraph.

The “table of contents” technique is also effective.

You can include a panel of the copy like this:



1.) How to fit pistons – page 3

2.) How to locate engine knocks – page 7

3.) How to rebuild a clutch – page 10

And so on…


Hint: Some eBooks are difficult to describe attractively because they contain only sales talk.

In these cases, it may be worthwhile to revise your ebook and include some info of a helpful nature.


6.) Include Testimonials

An for for an income tax included testimonials from a homeowner, a sales represnative, a professional, a working parent and forth


Sales Rep “I use my car for selling and do a lot of entertain. I thought I had deducted everything until your Income Tax Guide Showed me 18 deductions I never thought were allowable.”


7.) Sweeten Your Offer

The ad for the income tax guide mentioned earlier contained this paragraph:

Special Free Bonus: Filled in Tax Forms… To give every possible tax savings – and to save your time and yoru trouble you will also recieve a 16 page eBook of a sample tax forms, completely Filled in for your guidance.

This is yours to keep, even if you return the Income Tax Guide for refund.


8.) Test Several Different Offers

One way to step up returns is to test the pulling power of two or more different offers in one publication.

And then run the best pulling offer in your entire list of publications.

To get the most accurate test you should use the facilities of some publications offering “split-run”

copy testing whereby one offer appears in the half of the circulation and the other offer appears in the other half.

After you have found which offer pulls best,  feature that offer in future advertising and subordinate the dollars as “also avaliable”.

Just because the offer didn’t “win” does not mean you can afford to ignore its particular audience.





FB Academy Review – Anik Singal’s Lurn – How To Become Facebook Ads Wizard


Have you ever thought how Facebook Ads Works?

Or maybe how to get the most for your buck posting ads on Facebook so that you can get the most out of your advertising penny?

Well, you don’t have to look any keep on searching.

Lurn FB will show you everything you need to know and what to do to start driving traffic to your website.

There will be no more thinking what to do or how to do it.

This online course will answer all your questions and get you the traffic and leads you have only fantasized of.

According to the site, Lurn FB has been showing biz owners how to get the maximum from Facebook for over 3 years.

Now is your turn to learn fresh strategies to take your biz higher.

What Is Lurn FB?

According to, the site was registered May 22, 2017.

The site is set to private.

On the site, however, you will notice the testimonials that explain about Anik Singal which is the creator of the program.

When you do a simple search for Anik Singal, you will find that he is reminded as the Founder and CEO of Lurn, Inc.

You will find that Mr. Singal has over 13 years of experience in online marketing and he is th emain for teaching Facebook Ads.


Lurn FB Product

Lurn FB runs a low price of $997, anyway, you can get a ridiculous price of $697. The price is a one-time payment and not a monthly subscription.

With your payment, you will get access for one-year coaching calls that worth $1,997.

The coaching calls are offered every 2 weeks.

More than that, you will have access a step by step system that will help you master Facebook ads along with case studies and Facebook Legend access.

With this training, you will be able to collaborate with other like-minded entrepreneurs on a private Facebook page.

When you have completed the course you will be able to show what you accomplished with an industry recognized certificate.

This price of the course also comes with some bonuses which include Kick Start Targeting, a campaign checklist, get pro on ad creation, and Facebook Ad swipes.

You will get everything and then some to build your online presence and get through Facebook in ways you never thought possible.

For the first time ever you can stop throwing your money on campaigns and finally make your campaigns bring you the money.


Lurn FB Opportunity

There is no info on whether or not you can promote Lurn FB to earn any commissions.

Even when you search elsewhere online, the course doesn’t seem to show any commissions or affiliate page links for you to promote.


Lurn FB Verdict

Lurn FB will help you not only grow your business but do so without spending a massive amounts of money on advertising.

Many people have gone about using Facebook Ads the bad way and have wasted a tons of money with zero results.

Now, you will be able to get the inside secrets on how the bad boys run their ads in the most efficient way exist there.

Anik Singal has years of experience under his belt and can show you what you must do.

The private Facebook group will answer any question you may have.

With this information available and help on the go,

you won’t find yourself stuck or lost.

You will get everything you need to see the maximum results for your business.

The only negative thing to Lurn FB is that they have a no refund policy.

The site explains that with all the help you can get, the video training, and the live coaching calls, there is no reason you can’t nail it with Lurn FB.


This is what you will get when registering to Lurn FB Academy TODAY:

#1 – Training & Full System Tested, Proven, Step-By-Step ($2,891 Value)

#2 – Community of Facebook Advertising Specialists ($1,891 Value)

#3 – Industry-Recognized Certification For Facebook Advertising ($2,991 Value):

FREE BONUS #1: Facebook Ad Swipes (Value: $997)

FREE BONUS#2: Ad Creation Mastery (Value: $797)

FREE BONUS #3: First Campaign Checklists (Value: $697)

FREE BONUS #4: Kick-Start Targeting (Value: $1,497)

FREE BONUS #5: Decision Maker Bonus (Value $1,997)


Click Here To Start Earning Your First Bucks Today


86 Best Headlines Examples

86 Best Headlines Examples

Hi guys, on the post below you will discover the 100 best all time headlines, so you can take inspiration, let’s go:

1.) When Lisa Cooper Sold Her Mother’s Jewelry For $12,000 She Made a $4,000 Mistake.

Visit The Fabrikants And You Won’t Make The Same Mistake.

(Diamond Company)

2.) Don’t Even Think About Selling Jewelry Without An Offer From The Fabrikant Family.

(Diamond Company)

3.) This Summer The West Is Yours For As Little As $827 And Up…

All Expense Tours

14 Thrilling Vacations To Choose From

(Travling Company)

4.) Advise To Wives Whose Husbands Don’t Save Money

(Bussiness Course)

5.) How To Improve Your Hand Writing

(Writing Course)

6.) How I Saved Myself From Baldness

Make $200 A Day

7.) How A Strange Accident Saved Me From Baldness Is $200 A Day Worth A Postage Stamp?

8.) No Matter Where You Live You Need Ample

Windstrom Insurance

Brand X’s

Fine Coffee

Is Served In The Home

Of Each Of These Suprisingly Domestic Bachelors

9.) The Secret

Of How To Be Taller

10.) Good Furniture

Now Is The Time To Buy It

11.) At Last A Hairspray Made For

Dry Hair

12.) Kill Ant Colonies At Their Source

13.) Start a $10,000 Insurance Policy For $1

14.) Introducing A Special Gift For A Special Time Of Year

15.) Announcing A New Great Car

16.) An Important Announcement For Home Owners

17.) Good Bye…Old-Fashions Air Conditioners

18.) New Lemon Blossom Pie

19.) Now In Paperback!

20.) At Last!  A Steam Iron With a “Magic Brain”

21.) July Sale Of Fashion Gloves

22.) How To Keep Ahead This Summer

23.) Modern Gift From Old Mexico

24.) Discovered – Amazing Way To Grow Hair

25.) Magnificent All-Mahogany Dining Room…$749

26.) Would Spend $5 To Feel Like a Million?

27.) With Up To $2,000 In Option Savings, It’s More Attainable Than Ever

28.) Whale Of A Coffee Sale… $2.00 Off

29.) Special 1/2 Price Introductory Offer…8 Months $8

30.) Order Now…Pay After January 10

31.) No Money Down…Easy Payments When You Buy Cyclone Fence.

32.) Free Trial Lesson

33.) A Small Bussines Offer Just For You. Get August Free

34.) When You Donate $10 To Easter Calls, We’ll Donate A Motorla Portable To You Free.

35.) 100 Free Haircuts. If You’re Free Saturday, So Are We.

36.) Insider’s Guide To Old Books

37.) Straight Facts On When To Take Profits

38.) Barron’s Tell How “Soapless Soap” Is Creating New Markets

39.) Miniskirts Aren’t The Only Way To Feel Young

40.) How I Improved My Memory In One Evening

41.) How I Became Popular Overnight

42.) Often A Bridemaid But Never A Bride

43.) How To End Money Worries

44.) How To Get A Better Position

45.) How This New Invention Is Revolutionizing Concrete Construction

46.) How Your Energy Curve Responds To The World’s Quickest Hot Breakfast

47.) How I Started New Life With $7

50.) Why Your Feet Hurt

51.) Which Is The Best Battery Value For Your Car?

52.) Which Of These Five Skin Troubles Would You Like To End?

53.) Who Else Want A Whiter Wash – With No Hard Work?

54.) Who Else Has a Hair That Won’t Stay Combed?

55.) Wanted! Man or Woman With Car To Run Store On Wheels

56.) Wanted – Your Services As a High-Paid Real Estate Agent

57.) Advice For Husbands

58.) Facts You Should Know About Skincare

59.) Why I Cried After The Ceremony

60.) I Was Going Broke – So I Started Reading The Wall Street Journal

61.) “After Months In The Takla Makan Desert, Not Only Do We Swear By This Protection System, Our Camels Love It Too”

62.) Can Your Kitchen Pass The Guest Test?

63.) A Test Of Your Writing Ability

64.) SEX

Now that we have your attention, here’s how to get the most money for your used text books…

65.) Be Strong

66.) Farm Animal

67.) Burn Fat Faster

68.)  Double Bonus Sale

69.) Read This Before You Order Zoysia Glasses

70.) Buy No More Soap Until You Have Tried Amazing New (Name of Brand)

71.) Why I Offer This New Kind Of Pipe For $5

72.) Your Earned It. Now Enjoy It.

73.) To A $25,000 Man Or Woman Who Would Like To Be Making $50,000

74.) We Take Heart Cases Other Hospitals Won’t

75.) You Too Can Beat The Market

76.) Grow Up, Not Old

77.) To Young Men And Women Who Want To Get Ahead

78.) To Car Owners Who Want To Cut Gasoline Bills

79.) What Good Are Frequent Flyer Programs If The Miles Take Off Before You Go?

80.) Will We Ever Run Of Trees?

81.) Sarah Burns Up To %79 More Calories Than Ordinary Treadmills

82.) Because We Recycle Over 100 Million Plastic Bottles A Year, Landfills Can Be Filled With Other Things, Like Land, For Instance

83.) You Can Make Money Easily

84.) How A Man Or Woman of 40 Can Plan To Retire In 15 Years

85.) A Story Of Spare Time And Extra Cash

86.) You Can Laugh At Money Worries If You Follow This Plan