13 Ways to Optimize Your Landing Pages For Conversions

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13 Ways to improve your landing page conversion at the moment!

Increasing your conversion rate is important. Having a good conversion rate is the foundation of high sales volume.

1.) Always test (A/B or A/B/C or A/B/C/D)

In sales it all about closing a deal. In conversion optimization it’s about testing testing testing.

Wait! What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is a technique to increase conversion rate (the ability to turn visitors into buyers) on Emails/Pages/Popups, or whatever you can test on the interent.

If you had on your pages 2 content types, and you don’t what to decide, you could run A/B test and figure out, what work the best for you.

In order to it, you will creatve 2 versions of the page (Page A & Page B), while each is with different content.

The a/b testing software will split 50%-50% the traffic coming to the page between a variation and B variation.

Both pages will have a button that call to action and in the end of test, the software will show you (if you tracking conversion), how many people took action.

The page with the more conversions will win.

You always should aim for at least one test that going on your site at any given time.

When it comes to marketing, you should always remember the mantra: testing, testing, testing.

There is no such a think 100% in marketing, and always should remember the 100% can be 400%, with just changing the headline.

The only way to constant learn is testing.

Figuring out what to test

Marketers often do the mistake, of guessing what to test even if it has a tiny impact on revenue.

Stop guessing and use the data available to spot the most important thigns to focus on.

Make sure you only do one test at the time, or you will not what change made the diffrenece.

Main things to test:

* The headline.

The headline is one of the major factors on conversion on your page.

On the famous book ‘Tested Advertising Methods’ – there is a whole chapter about headlines, and every copywriter knows:

If someone read your headline you did 80% of the job, he will probably continue to read.

* Page layout and navigation.

* Your offer: What is the customer get for his cash (how it shown visually and how it describe).

* The size of your CTA buttons (Call To Action buttons such as: Buy Now, Purchase, Order Now/Start your trial).

Making the buttons larger and playing with the colour usually known to increase conversion rate.

* Many types of media: on most cases video help to increase engagment and conversion rate.

Softwares for testing

Many CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) people and site owners spend their best money on expensive solutions before they actually understand the work process on CRO.

We found some softwares for you that you will not need to spend to much:

* Optimizely – it’s a visual a/b testing software for website, that allow you to test each element on your website (content, images, video) – most popular software on the market today for CRO.

Remember, not testing = losing money.

Testing mean learning, develop, try new things and constanly learning.

This proccess should never end even if you have a winning page by 200%, try another test.

Substantial growth happens only when testing is part of your rotuine.

  1. Create a attractive and clear value propsition.

Your conversion potential probably will be measured by value propsition, making it the most crucial factor on CRO.

What is Value Propsition?

This is the main reason anyone will want to buy from you. It’s the ‘Why’ of your bussines.

Your Value Propsition should be short (10 words), for your customer to understands what exactly he will get for his money.

Many marketers, when approaching CRO, focus on the little things like font colour, font size, button shapes.

But the first step you always should do is to test your main offer and the strentgh of it.

The most famous example is for value propisiton is when Pizza Hut Annnounced they will make the delivery within 30 minutes or money back which lead to a super fast growth on the company, making it a pizza empire – this is the power of value propistiion.

What make an awesome value propsition?

* It’s cannot be found at your competitors – it’s most be unique.

* You can match your competitor on most of the aspects of the product but you need to excel in at least one elemnt of value.

Check out this infographic below from QuickSprout, which illustrates what a great value proposition looks like and the top tactics for creating one for your company.


  1. Set Up a Sales Funnel

Most of the times what eleliminating conversion is asking directly for the sale too fast.

Many people are just browsing and not yet ready for the buying process.

The more money people need to invest on your product = the more time they will need to explore and decide to buy

But, and there is but, it depends on the product, sometimes offering a free demo for software companies instead of request to buy the product can lead to improve on the sign up results.

But in many other situations you will need just to take it step by step and build a sales funnel to engage and develop a relationship with your customer.

Let’s say your product is online course for eCommerce.

Here’s how you should go about it:

What the visitor wants?

– To learn how to make money with eEcommerce.

What you want?

– Get the visitor buy your course.

How to do it?

– Offer free short lessons from your course to help the visitor to learn about your product.

– Become their trusted advisor.

– Give them good reason to sign up to your mail list (free report).

– Send them your sale page and ask for sale.

Many experts sales people and marketers say you need at least 7 touch points with customer before they are ready to buy from you.

There is no offical research published on this issue, but from our past exprerince, the deeper and longer your relationship with a potentail customer the higher the chances he will buy from you.

So take it easy:

Offer results and value before pushing your products aggresivley to your buyer. Just take their email adderss and provide them constat value.

4.) Cut the bullshit

Clarity win persuation, always.

Not long ago, I was surfing the web until noticed this offer on site:

“Revenue-focused marketing automation & sales effectiveness solutions unleash collaboration throughout the revenue cycle”

What the hell?

Can you explain me in 5 seconds what you practically do with this?

I guess no.

Don’t try to impress people with ‘innovative’ product and complicated industry language – it’s just doesen’t impress anyone, and worse than that, it not working.

You write for people, not for ‘automation revenue’ machines.

Even a marketing director or CEO are eventually people to.

Tip: imagine your explaining all your marketing materials to a close friend who doesen’t have a clue on the terms of your industry.

5.) Address Objections

Whenever people will read your sales page, there always will objections in their consiuos and in the sub consisuiouns.

Always address think about what might be the objections and address them before the potential customer has a change to think deep about it.

Step one – create a list of all possible objections of your potential customers.

Step two – Add this info to your sales copy to eliminate or alleviate those concerns.

Examples of what could be on this list:

* You Don’t understand my problem (explain the problems your product solves).

* Why should I believe you (show off testimonials, who are you, case studies, awards).

* What if it doesen’t work for me? (show testimonials for real people – even videos, articles from newspapers, anything).

* It’s not worth my money, there are cheaper alternatives (explain yoru price, compare with competition, prove the value your product offers).

…and so on. It’s important to come up with a massive list as you can. do ask users for their problems for a wider picture.

6.) Improve Trust

Let’s imagine you are in travel, and a trader approach you, and yelling at you “Buy this for $5, now, fast!”.

You will probably, be shocked, and not buy the product.

Same in the internet industry, you can’t show messages to your buyer when he enter to the site “BUY NOW it’s cheap, it’s good product”.

You must explain the visitor, show him what’s the benefits on your product, handle potential objections, and make a process until he decided to buy from you.

Many experts say, that need on average 7 communications with visitors in order from them to buy from you.

Zig Ziglar, the famous sales guru say there are only 4 reasons why people won’t buy from you:

– No need.

– No money.

– Not in a hurry.

– No trust.

There is nothing much to do about the first reasons, but at least we can build trust, so we must do it.

If so, what make people trust your website?

Luckily for you, Stanford Technology Lab has conucted reasearches over years in order to find that answer.

Follow this list and you will defenitly increase your customers trust on your site:

– Personal Information – make it easy for people to find who the site belong to, who operating the site, phone number, address.

– Testimonials – even if you have real testimonials or not (you can find on fiverr for $5 people who will do it for you), they must be there.

Social proof is one of the most important things when we are talking about website.

The main reason for it is because people on the interenet can’t talk to anyone, it’s just them vs. the screen, and the more testimonials (videos, facebook screenshots) you will put, the more comfortable the person will feel to buy.

– Show what you and your organization expertise in, what services do you provide, make it clear to find.

Do you have professionals in your team? show them and give their credentials.

Are you in partnership with respected organization? show it.

But don’t show any malicious sites you are contact to, that’s can hurt your conversation rate.

– Always think about ways you can deliever you are trustworthy – even show pictures of your employees with their familly and kids for example.

– Design – after thousands of researches, it’s a known fact today, that design has a direct influence on trust.

If you site will look cheap, with no contact us area, and no information about who are you, probably people will find it suspect and will not buy from you.

– Usability – always test your website for best usuability.

Today you have tools like CrazyEgg, that can show heatmap of your website, and even tools that recording the user cursor while he is on your website/

Use this tools to improve the customer journey, and make sure he find the things he need fast.

– Keep your website up to date – people don’t like to see website in 2017 that all of his content is from 2014, it’s giving the feeling of a scam, that no one operating the site, so avoid it and keep your website up to date.

– Avoid type errors.

It’s might sound funny to you, but those little things have influence.

Check contastnly for your grammer, you don’t want to lose customers just for a type error.

– Don’t make your site over-promotional.

It’s ok to have 1 or 2 running promotion always, but don’t make your site with 10 ads running simulitnsialey.

It’s feels like a big scam and a site that infected with viruses.


7.) Make it fast and easy to buy from you.

Ask yourself this question, if you give your grandfather, who is non technolgy oriented to try to buy something from your site, will he succeed?

If the answer is yes, great for you.

But if the answer is no, so you have work to be done – because the more easy it’s will be to buy from you site and more intuitive the more buyers you will have.

Use those tips in order to make the process easier:

– Show users what they need to do on their next step.

Always keep the next action they need to do more prominent than any other elemnt on the page.

– Narrow the options of choice for the user – avoid analysis paralysis and the paradox of choice.

When people offered to many options they tend to get confused and not make a decision eventually what will them to bounce your site.

Identify what are your users usually click on and what they need.

Once you found it, focus on that, and delete all the uneccesary information.

– Don’t ask for the users to fill to many fields on your site – less is better in this aspect.

The more fields you will have, the higher % that users will abandon your site, people who just get to know you and your product will not want to give you immediatly all their details:

This is a process which need to be built over time.

– Let users sign up without forcing them to buy anything – it’s will make whole difference on your site.

You don’t want to force users to sign up in order to buy:

They need to try your product, feel it, maybe talk with your customer support, and just than they will be ready for purchasing – don’t try to fasten this process, it’s will only cause damage and reduce revenues.

– Offer something free/trial.

Any internet marketer know, that the first step in order to buld email list is to give the users something for free.

It’s human nature to like free things, without any obligation, use it for your advantage.

8.) Communicate Value

First rule of every millioniare you will talk with for success (maybe execpt some serious gangsters) is to give value.

It’s not enough to write 2 sentences about your product and than ask them to buy it – you are just throwing your money to the garbage.

Tip: bring someone, who is not working for you, and doesen’t know the product, buy he intersted in it.

Than, show him your homepage and write his responses, and considerations.

A good homepage, is eventually a sales letter, it’s need to sale your product on the most effective way – more information better.

Just to emphasize, imagine I am selling you a chair and I give you those details:

Seat and back of breathable pellicle suspension material for long-term comfort.

Weight: 51 pounds

Color: Classic Carbon Pellicle

Full 12-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Price: $999

If you are not a billioinare, that just spending his money like nothing, you probably won’t buy it – add pictures, reviews.

Take amazon for example, every product that in Amazon, have a tons of details, and they managins a millions of them – so if they can do it, I am sure you can do it as well.

9.) Offer proof

No matter what you are selling, people will first think you lie to them and try to find where is to cache.

Therefore you always need evidence:

– Buyers Testiminoails – Buyers who have a problem and when they buy your product, they life has changed and the problem was solved.

Ask for buyers for a testimonials, they will probably agree.

– Case studies – show how product helped on a certain situation to a customer.

– The results of scientific tests and studies. I know a log home manufacturing company that wrestled with the claims that log homes lose a lot of heat in the winter and they’re expensive to keep up. They commissioned an independent study from a well-known university. The study found that the log homes are as energy efficient as any other kind of buildings. Now the manufacturer can refer to this study to back up their claims.

– Third party review – did a blog or niche site wrote about your service?

don’t think twice and add it to your site.

– Social proof – if you have thousands of customers, make it a well known fact.

No-one wants to be the only person who use your service.

– Demo.

Demo, is the most effiecne thing you can do on order to build trust.

You can show social proofs, testimonials, case studies – but when person see a product on his eyes and can feel it – that’s make the whole difference.

10.) Remove Distraction

I’ve mentioned it earlier – FOCUS.

Are they to many items on your page, make it confusing for the user to decide?

Remove anything unrelevant on your landing page to the action you want the user to take:

– Delete sidebars and big headers.

– Delete irrelevant images.

– Hide the menu.

Finally, have a look on your landing page, and ask yourself, there is another something I can delete that can increase the conversion?

11.) Spy on your competitors.

People are lazy, and they usually don’t do a market research before they publish a landing page.

Today there are a lot of tools to spy on on competitiorrs landing page (iSpioniage is what we use).

Another way, is just search on google for your keywords, and see if anyone have a paid ads on the keyword, probably it will lead to a landing page.

You can also enter your competitor site, and today almost every site have a retargeting pixel – meaning when you will go to other site, you still will see the competitor ads, which will lead to the landing page.

What you can learn from your competitors?

– Once you find a landing page that run for a lot of time you can understand that it’s probably working good.


– Colours

– Copy of the page

– The main offer

– The length of the page.

– Which details they ask for.

After your finished the research use the information for your landing page and optimize it for best results.

12.) Reduce Risk

Guarantee is the name of the game here.

Every situation on life when a transaction of money involved, inclue on it risk.

Offer guarantee, I would recommend at least 90 days.

That’s way it will eliminate any buyer objection, or fear that the product will not solve it’s a problem.

Remember, internet is not reality:

A site can be disapear on a seconds – what’s make people harder to trust.

Examples of companies who mastered the art of guarantee:

Hyundai and America’s Best Warranty. Hyundai struggled with years with a reputation that it makes crappy cars that break down fast. So they initiated a 10-year warranty – basically saying that ‘how can it be a bad car if we’re giving it such a long warranty?’ . Now Hyundai is considered the new Lexus.

The Punctual Plumber. Plumbers are renown for being late. To combat this prejudice, they branded themselves as ‘The Punctual Plumber’ and will pay you for every minute they’re late. If they’re willing to do it, they probably won’t be late, will they? Guarantee removes risk.

Pizza delivered in 30 minutes or it’s free. If you’re ordering pizza, the delivery time is a concern. With a guarantee like that, this fear is eliminated.

Not only will we give your money back, but also compensate your pain. This is the most powerful kind of guarantee – a pain compensation guarantee.

30-day money-back guarantee is like the industry standard and you should definitely not offer any less. Try to do better than that.

A/B test various guarantees to find out what works best.

13.) Use scarcity.

Scarcity in copywriting world means to give the reader a feeling that what he want to purchase may disapear, or it his last chance to buy it.

For example, i’m sure if you ordered a flight on your life, you probably saw “2 Seats left on this price” –  that’s classic example of scarcity.

For some people it’s might seem obivious, but, any bussiness owner who did a great marketing, use scarcity in someway.

There are 2 kinds of scarcity you can create:

– Quantity related scarcity (2 seats left at this price!)

– Time related scarcity (last day to buy)

If the supply of your product is endelss than you can offer time scarcity on your offer: get 2 computers for the price of 1 only for 24 hours.

Keep in mind when using scarcity it’s most be for real reasons – you don’t want your customer to enter your site after 24 hours and discover the promotions is still running.

Optimize your landing pages accord to these tips and mail with your results on: adop@popadup.com

Thanks for your time, watch out for the next post.